To the Editor,

Note the adage..."You can't have your cake and eat it too." It basically states the impossibility of having something both ways if those two ways conflict.

Our legislature has removed that "impossibility" with recent election law "deforms.” Now we will watch our Governor “frost the cake” with his signature while using misguided "talking points" about this terrible legislation.

New laws include relaxing campaign contribution restrictions. Another allows unlimited undisclosed funds to flow to “issue” organizations. John Doe investigation rule changes make it harder to investigate/pros- ecute political corruption.

Changes allow unlimited donations to political parties and coordination with groups that keep their donors secret. This is happening when most citizens want a government not owned by money. The state already has 59 local governments approve non-binding referendums against the Supreme Court's “Citizens United” decision.

The changes make it even more important to have a nonpartisan agency “to ensure accountability in government by enforcing ethics and lobbying laws and to enhance representative democracy by ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.” This is the mission of the Government Accountability Board!

Now our legislature and Governor will have it “both ways” by dismantling this agency! Together, they are letting unlimited secret money into campaigns, and then dismantling a main avenue for investigating and limiting political corruption.

I guess you can (not can’t) have your cake and eat it too!

Citizens can combat the inevitable corruption that will occur due to these “deforms.”

A “political revolution” can occur to diminish the influence of money that has hijacked the political system and our government.

We all must vote in future elections! Support candidates that are truly for the general welfare and common good of our citizens and not for their own welfare as demonstrated by their votes on these bad election laws!


John Binder

Plymouth, WI

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