Another season comes to an end, thankfully

THE SEASONS COME AND go, as always. One season ends and another begins, the passing of the former lamented by some and celebrated by others, and vice versa.

But probably everyone is celebrating the recent end of one annual season – the road construction season.

Just as with nature’s seasons, the severity and impact of road construction season can vary greatly from year to year and from one location to another.

For the city of Plymouth, this year’s road construction season was an especially trying one.

That’s because one of the city’s main arteries, State 67, was the focus of a major reconstruction project from one end of the city to the other, a project that lasted nearly eight months before it finally wrapped up.

It made getting through Plymouth, and getting from Plymouth to places north and south, a challenge for many and disrupted the daily lives and routines of those living along State 67 and Milwaukee Street.

It’s part of the price we all have to pay for being able to get around in our vehicles in the standards of comfort and ease that we have all come to demand.

The end result is a smooth, solid highway that should serve all of us for decades to come. The project also enabled the city to upgrade its infrastructure – sewer and water mains and more – along the affected streets and offered residents along the route the opportunity to upgrade their access to those services as well.

Until the end of the road work, it simply created headaches and disruption for just about everyone

– the need to find detours and alternate routes to home, work, businesses, school or play.

But just like all the seasons nature throws at us, we all managed to find a way to cope with, live through and survive the very worst that road construction season could throw us.

Area residents also dealt with disruptions from work on the restoration of the Wisconsin Southern rail line from Plymouth to Sheboygan Falls, with road crossing closures and more. In the city of Sheboygan Falls, where the line is being restored through and along some of the city’s busiest streets, the disruption was even greater than anywhere else along the rail line.

Short of not venturing out of our homes until road construction season ends – not really a practical solution for most of us – we all have to find ways to cope with and get through road construction season, just as we do with summer, winter and everything in between.

Just like the weather, construction season is something we all suffer through in common and, just like the weather, gives us a “safe” topic of conversation that won’t cause schisms, rifts or political divides amongst us.

Maybe we can all start wearing t-shirts that read “I survived the road construction season of 2015” while we wait for the next road construction season to hit.

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