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The Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah community loves its public schools!

Students and staff of the Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah School District are truly blessed to live and work in a community that values its public schools and that wants the best for its children. This week, American Education Week, we honor all who have a part in the education of our children. We must give special thanks to our parents and community members for their support and for making a difference.

Many of us in the Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah school district are often asked, usually by outsid- ers, how such a small school in such a small community is able to survive. The answer is simple: because we have the support of our parents and community. This week, American Education Week, is an appropriate time to say “Thanks!” to our students’ parents and to the community at large for being the strong foundation that allows us not just to survive but to thrive.

Last spring, voters in the district voted overwhelmingly to approve a referendum to make improvements to our HVAC systems and to provide some flexibility in the programs we are able to offer. We say “Thanks!” for that vote. Moreover, whenever there’s a special need in the district that the budget doesn’t provide for, someone or some group in our community comes through with a donation so that we can make that special purchase or provide that additional opportunity for students. For example, we have a beautiful new state-of-theart greenhouse, paid for almost entirely by donations. Almost daily, parent and community volunteers come into our buildings and classrooms to share their expertise or to lend a helping hand.

We are proud of our schools and what we have to offer students, thanks to the great parents and community members who support us. Lei Lund


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