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Special thank you to the Review for their coverage of Veterans Day.

Emmitt Feldner’s front page picture could be a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover. What an iconic picture of two venerable veterans, one rising out of his wheelchair and the other using his walker for assistance, saluting our country’s flag.

The photomontage on page two is so inspirational. Pictures of veterans honoring their fellow veterans. The young faces looking at veterans accepting a rose. You could only hope they were wondering “what did they do, what did they see, where were they, etc.” You can also hope they thanked these and all veterans for the freedoms they enjoy, not known in many parts of the world.

Today the Pledge of Allegiance is required in schools to start the day. Personally I’m not in favor of “required;” we should embrace the idea we can say the pledge without a requirement, but that’s another point for discussion.

Students are not required to participate in the pledge. Here’s an idea for “that” student that feels “I don’t have to stand, it’s my right.” Show that student Mr. Feldner’s picture and tell him/her: “Yes, you don’t have to participate, here are two veterans that helped give you that right.”

Let them know these and all veterans served our country so people could make such choices without any consequences.

By the way the Plymouth American Legion Post had the honor and privilege to serve those two veterans and four other Rocky Knoll veterans free of charge at our “Genuine G.I. Breakfast” event.

Konrad Kaczkowski, Adjutant Plymouth American Legion Post

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