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To the Editor,

Next year, driving through Plymouth on a snowy Christmas Eve will not be as nostalgic and uplifting as in past years. That’s because of a recent decision to replace the present street decorations with banners which will exhort us to “Make Holidays Bright.”

What happened to the tradition of a Christmas decoration? Have our City Fathers succumbed to the politically correct minority? Are we ashamed of our Christian heritage? Jesus is the original reason for this season, so let’s keep Christ in Christmas. The style the city has now is very appealing, elegant, and appropriate.

Remember, candles represent Christ, the light of the world! Will we deny the next generation the true and original meaning of this precious season? Already, the educational system has denied them “Christmas” vacation and “Easter” vacation. Will our city now deny them Christmas decorations? I’m sure there is a better replacement than a Holiday Banner!

Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Those basic truths are what have made this nation a “shining light on a hill.” We have to stop this constant erosion of those values. Talk to your alderman.

Jim & Kay Piper

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