Sherman land split saves farm land

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

SHERMAN — Business for the Sherman Town Board Tuesday began with a public hearing.

Mary Jane Fechter, representing the Fechter Trust, requested that a 40-acre parcel, zoned A-1 (Agricultural Land Preservation), be divided and rezoned into:

• A 5.1-acre parcel with existing buildings, zoned A-2 (Agricultural Land Preservation, Small-Scale);

• A 14.9-acre parcel, zoned A1-PR (Agricultural Parcel Remnants, on which no residence can be built);

• A 20-acre parcel, unchanged from its present A-1 zoning.

The request had previously gone to the Plan Commission, which had recommended to the board that it be approved.

There were no questions or comments from the public during the hearing. The board unanimously approved the request.

Town Chairman William Goehring said this specific land division provided a good example of the town’s farmland preservation policy. That policy was developed by the Plan Commission as it spent over two years to revise the town’s zoning ordinance.

The board unanimously approved two resolutions:

One reduces the number of places the town will post legal notices.

The Wisconsin Legislature recently allowed municipalities to reduce the number of places required for legal postings. The two official places for Sherman’s postings will now be the town’s web site (, and the display case at the south entrance to the Town Hall/Fire Hall. They will no longer be posted at the National Exchange Bank and Trust or at the MSM Mobil.

The second resolution establishes a policy where refunds due to residents will not be mailed if the amount is under $5. Clerk/Treasurer Rhonda Klatt explained that many municipalities have such limits, where the cost of processing and mailing a check is greater than the amount itself.

Klatt said it doesn’t happen often, but noted, “We’ve had a handful in the past that have been under a dollar.”

In the future, residents owed a refund of less than $5 can contact the clerk’s office and arrange to pick it up.

Appointed for the next two years are poll workers Marilyn Miller, Nancy Schroeter, Mardell Schulz, Patricia Green, and Chief Inspector Carol Voeks.

Supervisor Kris Klein said a split-rail fence will be put up next spring at the entrance to the Union Cemetery, on County W. It will be financed by private donations. Markers will also be created for burial sites that are currently unmarked. The work will be part of an Eagle Scout project.

Salvage licenses were unanimously approved for Dave Murre, Murre Salvage Company; David Kaiser, Kaiser Wrecking; and Jesse Bliesner.

Fees were discussed, including for some building permits, but no decision was made. They will again be reviewed at a future meeting.

Klatt said tax bills will be mailed soon.

No building permits were issued in November.

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