To the Editor,

Here we go again. Kohler workers are on strike.

Somehow the union thinks that by acting to impede the production of products made in Sheboygan County they are going to be better off.

That can be compared to strangling the chicken in order to increase the production of eggs. We should all be reminded of the consequences of the Thomas Industries strike in recent history. That did not end well for Sheboygan County and neither will this UAW strike.

The Great Recession of 2009 should have proven to all that our local exporting businesses such as Kohler are part of a world economy and subject to influences beyond their control.

What happened to the auto industry should remind us that even big companies fail. To think that Kohler is a bottomless cash vault to be tapped into is nonsense. Kohler and other big corporations need a minimum profit margin to survive and healthy profit margin to fund capital expenses, growth, and research and development.

To pay more than is needed to maintain a competent workforce is to cede advantages to the competition elsewhere and will hurt the economy here in Sheboygan County.

A strike tells the world that we will accept manufacturers on our terms only. If “Made in Sheboygan County” becomes too pricy, companies, including Kohler, cannot do business here. Then the local labor force will become flooded with unemployed former union workers, like what happened with Thomas Industries, driving the wages in the community lower, not higher.

That is contrary to what the strikers are trying to accomplish. For the sake of our Sheboygan County community, it is time to settle.

Dennis Gasper

Chair, Sheboygan

County Republican Party

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