Town Board grants zoning change

by Verla Peichl Falls News Correspondent

The Sheboygan Falls Town Board approved a rezoning request from Charles and Pamela Clemens of Sheboygan Falls to split and rezone a 5 acre parcel of land on their property to build a home, during a monthly meeting on Monday, Dec. 7.

During the meeting, Charles Clemens requested that zoning on the property, located at W2757 County J in Sheboygan Falls, be changed from A-1 (Exclusive Agricultural Use) to A-2 (Agricultural Land District) in order to build a single-family home.

The 5 acre parcel of land is located east of the Clemens’ current farm structures.

The request is being made in order to allow for a farmhand and the Clemens’ daughter to build a home near the farm. The area will split off current pasture land. which is being used for pasture land for farm animals as it is not favorable for tilling.

The Plan Commission made Clemens aware of the driveway requirements if a driveway would be over 300 feet. However, it is believed that the driveway will be less than 300 feet.

The Town Board repealed Chapter 12, Policies and Procedures for administration of general assistance. This ordinance was repealed due to the fact that the Town Board has determined it no longer has authority over the administration of general assistance as the state of Wisconsin oversees that function, therefore making this chapter obsolete.

The Town Board approved a betterment plan for Meadowlark Road from State 23 to County O at a cost of $184,645. The betterment does not include repaving, only reshouldering and culvert upgrades.

Power lines and poles will be required to be moved before the construction project begins.

Treasurers report: Total Cash - $401,137.40. Total debt - $666,171.01. The next Sheboygan Falls Town Board meeting will take place Monday, Jan. 4, 2016 at the Sheboygan Falls Town Hall at 7 p.m.

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