Adell works with residents on unsightly property, winter parking

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

ADELL — Capt. Cory Roeseler of the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department addressed the village board at its meeting Wednesday night.

In the past few months, the village has made requests of Adell Auto Body to move unsightly vehicles to where they cannot be seen. When Adell Auto Body did not respond to written requests from the village, Roeseler was consulted.

Roeseler said he’d met with the business’ owner, Greg Deckert. “We had a nice discussion. We talked a little about the difference in the ordinances [Adell] has. He agreed to try to clean some of it up.”

Roeseler listed several improvements he has seen since that conversation.

Roeseler continued, “As far as some of the other vehicles, some are obviously under construction, some are registered, some have collector’s plates, some are current, some aren’t. Some don’t have plates because of body work being done on them.

“I think I relayed everything that the board intended me to,” Roeseler said. “Understand that he’s a business owner, and he’s going to have some of those vehicles there, obviously. I told him to keep whatever he could in the back, when he can.

“I think for now, we’ll just monitor it,” Roeseler said, adding that he was happy with the actions the business has taken so far.

Village President Andrew Schmitt thanked Roeseler, and then asked about winter parking rules. Schmitt said that, like it did last year, the village would like to ease up on winter parking restrictions and penalties if there is no snow, from Dec. 20 through Jan. 1. This would accommodate residents having visiting relatives during the holidays.

Roeseler was agreeable to that. He encouraged communication, preferably before the parking is to occur. Residents can contact the Sheriff’s Department. Or they can contact Clerk/Treasurer Kelly Rathke at the Adell village office, who will pass the information on to the Sheriff’s Department.

The board unanimously approved easing street parking restrictions from Dec. 20 through Jan. 1, if no snow is present. Residents with questions should call the village office.

Resident questions bill

Resident Erik Buchelt addressed the board. The village had sent him a request to remove litter from the curb in front of his home. The village had then cleaned up the litter and sent Buchelt an invoice for doing so.

Buchelt first said that the litter was not from his property. He then questioned the timing between his receipt of the initial letter, and the village taking action to remove it. He said there had not been enough time for him to remove the litter himself.

After some discussion of the details, Schmitt summarized the situation and asked Buchelt what he thought would be fair. Buchelt replied, “In my opinion, I don’t think we should have been charged for it.”

Schmitt told the board, “So, that’s open for discussion.”

“I make a motion that we waive the bill,” said Trustee Kim Peterson. “I think there is enough of a question on timing, and why something wasn’t done or was done. We’re not trying to be jerks. We really aren’t.” Peterson added, however, that going ahead, the village’s street-cleaning procedures should be more explicitly defined.

The board voted to waive the bill, with Trustee Jane Schneider voting against.

Director of Public Works Jeff Kreutzinger recommended to the board that the village work with Kapur & Associates for the village’s engineering needs. The village had previously worked with GAI Consultants. At the board’s November meeting, Kreutzinger explained that the contact person from GAI, whom the village had long worked with, was let go by that company. Schmitt had recommended Kreutzinger have a discussion with GAI before any decisions were made to work with another engineering firm.

Kreutzinger reported that a meeting had taken place with two representatives of GAI, but that GAI had then charged the village $232 for the meeting. Kreutzinger said he would not have scheduled the meeting, had he known that. Other board members expressed surprise.

Don Albright of Kapur & Associates was present. When Kreutzinger said there were two water main projects in the village’s plans, Albright said, “It’s really important to get the electronic data [from GAI], so that we can take that information and we don’t have to start all over.” Schmitt said it was nice to work with a company that had more local ties. The board unanimously approved using Kapur & Associates for the planned water projects.

The board unanimously approved:

• Permission to use the snowmobile trail, requested by the Adell Yeti Snowmobile Club.

• A property division request from Carol Jandt.

• A list of poll workers for 2016- 17.

• A water relief credit for Donald Burmesch.

• A $50 gift card for each village employee.

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