EL adjusts water fees

by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

ELKHART LAKE – The village had to modify proposed increases in sewer and water connection fees before adopting them.

Village Administrator/Clerk/ Treasurer Jessica Reilly informed the Village Board at their Dec. 21 meeting that the increased fees originally proposed had to be reduced.

“We received a call from a developer who said that to raise the fees we have to have a rate justification schedule,” under a provision of the recently-passed state budget, she explained. “We aren’t supposed to be making a profit on our fees. We’re supposed to break even or cover our costs. We couldn’t justify the higher fees.”

Reilly predicted that the new state requirement “might have opened up a can of worms for some other communities.”

She did add that the fees approved by the board, ranging from $125 to $700, would be adequate to meet the village’s cost and satisfy the state requirement.

The board’s Public Works Committee discussed the village’s winter parking rules, in effect from Nov. 15 to April 1.

Trustee Lynn Shovan noted that many village residents have limited off-street parking yet still have to park off-street even if there is no snow during that period.

“How long has this been in place?” Shovan asked of the winter parking period. “Can we look at what other communities are doing?”

Superintendent of Public Works Richard Solek said the overnight parking rules are needed to enable the village to plow streets in a timely manner if a snow storm comes during the night.

Shovan asked if some revision might be possible. “It is an issue. If we could just take a look at it.”

Reilly said she would contact other villages to see how they handle the issue.

Village President Alan Rudnick reported that Victory has presented a new plan for the north end of their property to the Planning Commission. “We may need to go back on the apartment zoning because they have a new configuration,” he related.

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