SC Diecast rolls into collectibles niche with offering of unique collectible cars

by Jeff Pederson of The Review staff

SCOTT AND LINDSEY CLEVELAND have opened SC Diecast at 404 Fond Du Lac Ave. in Sheboygan Falls. The store features a large selection of new and vintage collectible and toy diecast cars, trucks and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. — Review photo by Jeff Pederson SCOTT AND LINDSEY CLEVELAND have opened SC Diecast at 404 Fond Du Lac Ave. in Sheboygan Falls. The store features a large selection of new and vintage collectible and toy diecast cars, trucks and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. — Review photo by Jeff Pederson What started as a childhood passion has grown into a fledgling business venture for Sheboygan residents Scott and Lindsey Cleveland.

After operating a successful online collectible car business for seven years, the Clevelands opened SC Diecast next door to Brewmasters Brewing Supplies at 404 Fond Du Lac Ave. in Sheboygan Falls on Dec. 5.

Scott’s collectible car entrepreneurial odyssey began as a child in Sheboygan in the mid 1990s.

“I started collecting diecast cars around 1996,” Scott said. “I really liked Hot Wheels in the beginning and over time it just grew and grew. I joined a few collectors clubs and my collection got so big that I thought maybe could sell some of it and make some money.”

In 2008, Cleveland ventured into the world of online sales through E-Bay.

“The business really started out of our basement,” Lindsey said. “At first it was just selling a few cars here and there and then about two years it got so that we made enough revenue to officially make it into a business.

“It had gotten to a point in the last couple years that the collection was growing too large for our basement,” she said. “That is when we started looking around for a place to open a store.”

Through happenstance, Scott was introduced to the store space where SC Diecast now resides.

“Scott works with Tammy Cordes at Johnsonville and her husband John owns Brewmasters, which is located in the adjacent building,” Lindsey said. “One day she mentioned that there was this store space available. It used to be where Brewmasters was, but they moved to a bigger building few years ago.

“We looked into it in early October and loved it,” she said. “We put the first month’s rent down on it a few days later. It was basically a clean slate inside. We put up peg board, fixtures and bookshelves that we had from home to display the cars. We took a few months to get everything set up. We didn’t want to rush it. We wanted to do it right.”

SC Diecast features a huge selection of diecast collectible cars, trucks and other assorted vehicles from six different major companies.

“We specialize in Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Green Light, M2, Johnny Lightning and Monster Jam trucks,” Lindsey said. “We also have some NASCAR stuff and a few other odds and ends.”

SC Diecast features a number of rare collectible sets not found in most other retail stores.

“The Green Light brand is probably the most rare collection that we have,” Lindsey said. “You can only find Green Light collectibles in two other retail stores that I know of.

“Because we are a specialty store, we are able to offer a larger selection than the retail stores do,” she said. “Now that we have a brick-and-mortar store, we are able to get some good wholesale deals on the latest Mattel releases, which are really nice to have.”

Scott points out that SC Diecast is the hot spot for the most recent collectible car releases.

“We have good suppliers who typically get us the newest releases from the major collectible companies before the major retail stores have them,” Scott said. “One of the best things about our store and our business in general is that we are constantly buying new product. If you are a collector, you will want to come again and again to check out all the new stuff that keeps coming in.

“I would say 80 percent of what you see in our store is stuff you won’t see in most other stores in the area,” he said. “We are an exclusive hobby store, so we have a lot of older collectibles, like 1/18 scale cars and trucks that no one else carries anymore.”

Despite doing virtually no advertising or promotion thus far, Scott says business has been solid through the first month of operation.

“We have somewhat of an advantage in that we are not a completely new business,” Scott said. “We have a pretty solid customer base built up already from our online business, which we plan to continue offering.

“Surprisingly, we’ve already had some nice walk-in business, which is really nice,” he said. “We’ve had quite a few of the neighbors come in and check us out because they were curious. The word of mouth has also been good with some people coming in several times already.”

According to Lindsey, customers often come in searching for an item or two to complete a cherished set.

“We have a number of complete collections available, which really appeals to collectors,” Lindsey said. “Several people are interested in the Monster Jam truck sets we have and others come in searching for a certain type, make or model of car that they like. I just had someone come in the other day looking for a 1953 Chevy Impala, because that is their favorite car.”

While the vast majority of the store is comprised of adult-oriented collectible vehicles, it is possible that more kids’ toy vehicles could be added down the road.

“It is possible that we could add more kids’ toy cars and trucks,” Scott said. “I remember as a kid going to K-Mart or Prange’s after school to pick up a toy car.

“I feel this is a growing hobby and I would like to see more kids get into this,” he said. “Today, a lot of kids are hooked on video games I firmly believe that it is important for kids to use their imaginations by getting out their cars and trucks and playing with them, like we used to do as kids. We need to try to bring that back again.”

Despite juggling full-time work and parental obligations, Scott and Lindsey plan to be open from 4-8 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with some weekend hours mixed in.

“I work first shift at Wal-Mart in Plymouth and Scott works second shift at Johnsonville and we have two schoolaged kids too, Gracie and Sadie.” Lindsey said. “This a part-time thing for us that we really enjoy, so we are determined to have regular hours and open on weekends when we are off of work.

“If someone calls ahead or leaves us a message, we can also open up later at night if we are available to do so,” she said. “We have a Facebook page that is updated frequently with the updated hours we are open, so we encourage people to check that out regularly for the latest information. We are planning to be open more in the summer when the kids are out of school and we could extend the hours on a regular basis if we are successful enough to do so.”

For more information on SC Diecast, call Scott at 920- 946-1810 or Lindsey at 920-946-1887.

The Clevelands can also be reached via e-mail at

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