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Dittman tabbed for city of Sheboygan Falls clerk- treasurer position
by Jeff Pederson Sheboygan Falls News Editor

SABRINA DITTMAN has been selected to serve as the new deputy city clerk-treasurer for the city of Sheboygan Falls. Dittman, who previously worked as the city’s municipal court clerk and police department clerk, will assume the city clerktreasurer position when current City Clerk-Treasurer Joel Tauschek retires later this year. - Falls News photo by Jeff Pederson SABRINA DITTMAN has been selected to serve as the new deputy city clerk-treasurer for the city of Sheboygan Falls. Dittman, who previously worked as the city’s municipal court clerk and police department clerk, will assume the city clerktreasurer position when current City Clerk-Treasurer Joel Tauschek retires later this year. - Falls News photo by Jeff Pederson When Sabrina Dittman walked into the Sheboygan Falls Municipal Building for the first time in 2012 to interview with Sheboygan Falls Police Chief Steve Riffel for a part-time confidential secretary position with the police department, she remembers clearly what she told him.

“I told Chief Riffel that I wanted to find someplace to establish a career and have an opportunity to move up,” Dittman said. “I said that I wanted to settle into a place where I could learn, grow and advance.”

Flash forward four years and it looks like Dittman has found the very spot of which she was speaking.

After serving as the city of Sheboygan Falls Municipal Court clerk, SVRS secretary and police department confidential secretary, Dittman has worked her way up the ladder to the newly created position of deputy city clerk-treasurer.

Dittman, who was officially appointed to the position at a Sheboygan Falls Common Council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 5, is now in line to take over the city clerk-treasurer duties when current City Clerk-Treasurer Joe Tauschek retires later this year.

“I had always wanted to work for a city or municipality and I am thrilled that I have been able to find a great position here in Sheboygan Falls,” Dittman said. “I have always enjoyed learning different things and I am really looking forward to the training process and learning as much as I can from Joel before he retires.”

The Illinois native has made her home in Sheboygan County for the past 16 years, graduating from Kiel High School before earning a business management degree from LTC.

“I have always been determined to work hard to reach my goals,” Dittman said. “I worked four different part-time jobs at the same time I was going to college at LTC.

“I like taking on new challenges and handling a variety of different duties,” she said. “I have enjoyed doing both of those things so far in my time in Sheboygan Falls.”

Shortly after joining the Sheboygan Falls Police Department as a part-time confidential secretary in 2012, Dittman found herself advancing up the ladder of city government quite quickly, due to a number of different reasons.

“Not too long after I was hired at the police department, the city had a need for someone to help with the Municipal Court clerk duties,” Dittman said. “In 2013, my duties were expanded to include the Municipal Court, so I started splitting my time evenly between the court and the police department.

“Eventually, I moved over to the Municipal Court clerk position solely and then was asked to be the city’s SVRS secretary in addition,” she said. “It was a lot to learn in a relatively short period of time, and it seemed like there was always something new to learn. I enjoyed the challenge, though, and I think all of that training has helped me to get to the position where I am now.”

The list of duties Dittman has performed for the city over the past three plus years is exhaustive, and certainly worth noting.

“In the police department, I took dictation, served as a main phone contact, dispatched officers and took care of parking tickets, DOT registration stickers among many other duties,” Dittman said. “As the Municipal Court clerk, I processed citations issued by the police department, dealt with drivers’ license suspensions, issued court summons, swore people in for trials and took notes during the trial procedures.

“As the SVRS secretary for the city, I have handled paperwork and various duties related to liquor licenses, elections and special assessments,” she said.

Dittman officially began training for her new city clerk-treasurer duties on Jan. 4, while continuing to serve as the Municipal Court clerk.

“I am splitting my time right now between the Municipal Court and City Hall right now,” Dittman said. “In the morning, I am training with Joel for the city clerk-treasurer position. In the afternoon, I am doing the Municipal Court clerk stuff.

“They are interviewing people for the Municipal Court clerk position now and hope to hire someone by Feb. 1,” she said. “That person would need to be trained for a period of time and then I should be able to move over and devote all of my time to learning the city clerktreasurer position.”

As much knowledge as she has already gained about city government during her time working for the city, Dittman knows there is a mountain of learning yet to be done.

“I have just started training and I am not completely certain about everything I will be doing, but I know there is a great deal that I need to know,” Dittman said. “Right now, we have been working on the payroll system and all of the end-of-the-year reports that need to be done.

“I will also be responsible for tax collection, worker’s compensation, the city budget, city council agendas and things like park shelter rentals. I know I will also need to be a notary for the city at some point. I have already learned quite a bit in a short time, but there is so much more to learn. Joel is so knowledgeable and patient. He answers all of my questions and gives me a lot of encouragement.”

Dittman earned her professional judicial assistant certificate from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee in October and will be taking part in a municipal clerk training program in July.

“The municipal clerk training this July will be more in-depth and after that I will be certified to perform a lot of the duties that I will be doing on a daily basis,” Dittman said.

Tauschek’s retirement announcement prompted the Sheboygan Falls Common Council to restructure the City Hall leadership structure, with Tauschek’s duties split into two new positions.

Current Deputy City Administrator Shad Tenpas, who was hired last July, will take over a portion of Tauschek’s current duties and Dittman is set to assume another chunk.

“Joel’s position has been split between Shad and I, so the structure will be a bit different than people were always used to,” Dittman said. “Joel did pretty much everything before, now there will be more distinction between myself as the city clerk-treasurer and Shad as the city administrator.

“We will be working together quite a bit and learning each other’s jobs, so we can fill in for each other when needed,” she said. “It will be a learning process for the two of us moving forward, but I think it is going to turn out well for the city. I am looking forward to working with him and forming a strong relationship.”

Looking to the future, Dittman says she could not have asked for a better situation to be in.

“Like I said before, moving up was always the goal, but back when I started at the police department I didn’t know that Joel was going to be retiring,” Dittman said. “When the opportunity came up, in November, I went for it and I am so grateful to Joel, Shad, Mayor [Randy] Meyer and the City Council for giving me this opportunity.

“I really enjoy Sheboygan Falls and its very friendly, small-town feel,” she said. “I enjoy working with the public, resolving issues, answering questions and helping businesses with licensing requests. It is a safe community, which I like and is a growing community. I am really looking forward to being a part of the growth and overall welfare of the community.”

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