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To the Editor,

I've done my homework and I am going to vote for Judge Kloppenburg for Justice of the Supreme Court. Do what I did.

Visit all three candidate's websites. Also visit Wisconsin- Eye (http://www.wiseye.org/) and watch the video of a forum all three candidate's participated in that was sponsored by the Wisconsin Bar Association. This site also has videos of individual interviews with each of the three candidates.

I also had the opportunity to visit with her personally and came away impressed with her calm, thoughtful way of conducting herself. I see why those traits have served her well during her 25 years as a Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General under both Democrat and Republican Governors along with Attorney Generals from both parties.

Her almost four years on the Court of Appeals have prepared her well for the same kind of court environment that occurs at the next level of our Justice System...the Supreme Court.

The breadth and depth of her legal and judicial background makes her stand out from the other candidates. When looking at her judicial background you will find a record that indicates she is a strong, independent, fair, and non-partisan judge!

Our Wisconsin Supreme Court once had a national reputation as a well functioning, ethical, and reputable court. It now has gone through some shameful and disgraceful episodes these past few years. There have been ethical blunders, interpersonal conflicts, and questionable rulings.

I believe that Judge Kloppenburg has the temperament, the professionalism, the strength, and the experiences to help restore the former reputation of our Supreme Court. Vote for an independent, impartial, arbiter of the law...vote for Judge Kloppenburg!


John Binder


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