Plan Commission approves larger expansion for Plymouth Foam

Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – It was a 60,000-square foot warehouse addition when they first approved it last October.

Thursday, the warehouse addition – still to be built by Plymouth Foam – had almost doubled to 114,000 square feet when the Plan Commission approved it again.

“(Plymouth Foam) has rethought the project and they desire to make an addition slightly bigger than that,” which was approved in October, architect Eric Jensen of LJM Architects told the commissioners.

“What’s driving this is that as we looked at our growth moving forward, we thought this would save us coming back in five years for another expansion,” David Bolland, president and CEO of Plymouth Foam, added. “We’re getting into some new operations and new materials. We already have enough material stored in off-site warehouse spaces to fill 40,000 square feet.”

The project will include moving the west driveway to the Sunby set Drive facility from County C around the corner to Country Aire Road.

Public Works Director Bill Immich said there should be no negative impacts from moving the driveway.

“Country Aire is a dead end so there’s not a lot of traffic on that road,” he explained. “The chances of that (road) developing any more aren’t really realistic.”

Plymouth Foam’s Steve Steinpreis reported that town officials had no objections to moving the driveway onto Country Aire Road, which is in the town.

Bolland said that, as part of the project, the company would be looking to improve landscaping along that side of the property.

“We’re the first building coming into the industrial park (from the south), so we’d like to improve our curb appeal,” Bolland said. “We’re looking to get rid of some mounds and overgrown trees that are not really looking good. We’re looking at something that’s a very nice landscape that will play well across the entire area.”

“Congratulations on your growth,” commission member Jim Flanagan told the company officials as he made the motion to approve the site plan, which passed unanimously.

The commission approved a site plan for Haucke Plumbing and Heating for an auxiliary garage building on their Division Street property.

The approval included a recommendation to the City Council to approve rezoning the Haucke property from R-2 residential to B-2 business and a similar change to the land use map in the city’s master plan.

“They would like to construct an accessory use building to house their trucks but R-2 only allows 1,200 square feet. That’s far less than what they want and definitely far less than what they already have,” Building Inspector Pete Scheuerman told the commission.

“I believe it’s the logical thing to do,” Scheuerman said of the rezoning, noting the long-standing commercial use of the property.

“I can’t think of any reason why it wasn’t zoned mixed use or other use. It’s always been a business,” commission member John Nelson agreed.

Scheuerman pointed out that, even with the B-2 zoning, the property could be used for residential purposes if the business use should ever cease.

City Administrator Brian Yerges reported on a meeting earlier on the week on the city’s application for historic district designation for downtown Plymouth.

He said the Wisconsin Historical Society is expected to act favorably on the request at their Feb. 19 meeting, after which it will go to the National Park Service for federal designation as well.

“The downtown historic district didn’t cost the city anything. The money (for the application process) came directly from a state grant,” Yerges told the commission.

He noted that there are 368 historic districts across the state, including two in Sheboygan Falls.

“I think the city should look into other areas for historical districts, for residential areas,” Yerges said. He noted that designation makes properties in the district eligible for state and federal tax credits for historically-appropriate renovation, restoration or remodeling.

“It’s an opportunity not only to do things in the downtown community but in other nearby communities as well,” Mayor Donald Pohlman observed.

“I agree. We have so much in the city that is already historically documented,” commission member Vi Feldmann added.

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