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To the Editor,

I find it ironic that Rep. Ron Kind has introduced a new bill related to railroad safety after he and Tammy Baldwin fought to derail the XL pipeline which would have bypassed the towns and cities that grew up next to our old rail lines.

Their decision to force refiners to use Warren Buffet’s tank cars rather than a pipeline may have provided some green symbolism and have generated some campaign cash, but recent oil train derailments in Wisconsin highlight the destructiveness of that decision.

The majority of our representatives in the house saw the wisdom of using a pipeline to reduce the number of tank cars trundling through our cities and voted nine times (at my last count) to approve the pipeline that would also bring closer economic ties to Canada rather than the chaotic Middle East.

Our Democrat administration, supported by our representatives Ron Kind and Tammy Baldwin, opposed the will of the people in this matter. Their loud talk about rail safety now doesn’t offset their opposition to the XL pipeline.

Art DeJong


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