Adell lays out detailed plans for water main work

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

ADELL—The Village Board received a lot of information regarding two planned water main projects Wednesday.

Village President Andrew Schmitt was absent, so Trustee Arush Chahal was appointed acting president for the meeting.

Don Albright of Kapur & Associates spent over an hour and a quarter in a detailed discussion with the board, using photographic maps of the two streets to present facts and options.

The planned projects would replace old water mains along lengths of Wisconsin Street and Edgewood Avenue. This would be done by the village. The roads at those locations would then be rebuilt, which would be done by the county. (Albright said that, hopefully, the two jobs could be properly scheduled, so that the road rebuilding happens immediately after the water main replacement.)

One choice before the board is where to position the new water main: Off the side of the road, or under the road itself?

Another choice: Should sidewalks be built on both sides of Wisconsin Avenue?

Another choice: How wide to make the road. Width of the road and placement of sidewalks would affect whether parking is allowed on one or both sides of the road; and the size of some homes’ terraces.

The board examined each alternative, with Albright answering questions.

When asked if water service would be interrupted for any residents during construction, Albright replied that transitioning between old and new water mains should avoid that.

Director of Public Works Jeff Kreutzinger acknowledged the number of choices the board needed to make, but he urged board members to solicit bids for the projects as soon as possible. He said contractors are more likely to raise bids as their work schedules fill up, closer to the construction season. “Now’s the time to bid,” he said.

Board members agreed that it would be desirable to have the village’s options firmed up for the Wisconsin Street project by next month’s meeting, March 9. Residents interested in details on the two projects are encouraged to attend this meeting.

Trustee Kim Peterson said having price estimates for the various options would help the decision-making process. Albright said Kapur & Associates could provide those different estimates.

When Albright discussed Edgewood Avenue, he told the board of some unexpected findings that will require further fact-finding by the village.

The board unanimously voted to move forward with the bidding on the Wisconsin Street water main project. Albright then gave the board a preliminary estimate of the cost of engineering design for rebuilding the road. He left the photographic maps with the village, for further study.

• • •

Resident Leighton Holtz showed the board two samples of water from his faucet that were tinted with rust. He’d marked the dates of each sample.

“I would have to run my water for ten minutes, before the line cleared up, and flush the toilet eight times,” Holtz said, when the rust appeared. He noted that water is metered, and that village residents pay for every gallon.

Kreutzinger said that rust can be loosened from water main pipes during hydrant flushing, or when a large amount of water is taken from the system. “Any time we have a water main break, any time we have to shut valves down,” rust can be loosened, he said. He described the inside of a water main: “It’s completely scaled with rust.”

The village has an arrangement with at least one company that fills its truck with water on an occasional basis. Kreutzinger said they’ve been asked to fill their truck at a different location, and to fill it more slowly, hoping to avoid this problem.

Village residents who experience rust in their water are encouraged to note their address, the date and time the rust appears, and to contact the village office with that data. Kreutzinger said that would be very helpful.

The board unanimously approved Kreutzinger’s attendance at the annual Wisconsin Rural Water Association conference at the end of March, and Clerk/Treasurer Kelly Rathke’s attendance at the Municipal Treasurers Association of Wisconsin conference in late April.

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