Rail hazard

To the Editor,

Coming home from an evening event at the Generations facility on Tuesday, February 10, I had a near-miss collision with a train at the Highland Avenue railroad crossing shortly before 8 p.m.

I was driving south on Highland Avenue and stopped at the painted line and then slowly inched forward to be able to see down the tracks to the east past the dirt mound. I found myself almost on the tracks before I could actually see to the east and then I was looking directly into the light of the engine.

Then I heard the train whistle. Frightened because it was so close, I stomped on the gas and went forward to be missed by the train. The first time I heard the whistle was when I was almost on the tracks. And I was listening for a train whistle. This is not a safe intersection.

Please, please, install a flashing railroad light at this intersection before someone gets killed. There are two schools on this block as well as a lot of private homes and I have watched many people just drive right thru this intersection without even slowing, or looking, or in any way acknowledge that a train may be coming.

There is not a regular schedule for the trains to run and drivers just drive right over the tracks the same way they did before the train service was reinstated.

In the past it was stated that there was not a light placed at this intersection because there wasn’t enough traffic. I request that this be rechecked now, when school is in session and the parents and students are going thru for school and all the other activities are going on.

There are lights at the railroad crossings out in the country, on PP, and Blueberry, and F, and many other intersections, and they certainly do not have heavy traffic.

While I am not a resident of Plymouth, but a resident of Cascade, I feel it is the responsibility of the Plymouth government to assure the safety of their citizens as well as the safety of all people coming to Plymouth for work or pleasure.

Name withheld upon request

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