To the Editor,

On Thursday, February 18 at 5:20 a.m., my husband was driving south on Highway 28, just south of Boltonville, WI as he has done for the past 18 years, when he came upon a driver who was traveling between 50 and 55 mph. The speed limit for this highway is 55 mph, and rather than tailgate a car that is driving at irregular and relatively slow speeds, my husband begins to pass the slow car.

The driver of the slow car, however, begins to accelerate, almost as if he or she is choosing to race my husband as my husband is trying to pass. This “racing” driver also veers toward my husband’s car, startling him, and causing him to lose control, leave the highway, and roll over multiple times into a wooded lot.

Fortunately, my husband walked away with only a few cuts and bruises and a ticket for losing control while passing a car. The “racing” driver, whose evasive maneuvers resulted in this accident, “raced” away without stopping.

At least two other good Samaritans stopped to ask if my husband needed help, which made him feel a little better about his fellow human beings that day, but this “race” resulted in a totaled vehicle, an emergency room visit, and three days of lost work for both of us.

Drivers have the right to pass slow drivers, but slow drivers do not have the right to “race” the individual who chooses to pass. Just remember, “racing” driver, the proverbial phrase of warning may very well come back to haunt you someday: “What goes around, comes around.”

Please drive friendly. We are all neighbors on the road, not race car drivers.

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