Town looks to auction off unused tanker

by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – Who do you know wants to buy a used fire department tanker truck?

The Town Board voted Tuesday to put their tanker truck up for consignment auction with auctioneer – and Town Chairman – Warren Luedke.

“It’s unusable as is and, even if we’re not replacing it, we don’t need to hang on to it,” Supervisor Glenn Kruschke said of the truck.

Fire Chief Denis Fellows said his department no longer uses the truck, which has a cracked frame. “It’s not road safe,” he stated.

“If we’re not using it, it’s just taking up space and we should get rid of it,” Luedke agreed. “We’ve got some people, farmers, who are looking for water trucks” to use on their farms, he noted.

The board approved putting up a no parking sign on Birch Tree Road at its intersection with County C, in effect making the entire road on the south shore of Crystal Lake a no-parking area.

Clerk/Treasurer Laura Raeder relayed the request for the sign from Deputy Dennis Ten Haken of the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department.

According to Raeder, Ten Haken said he got several requests for the signage during the recent Crystal Lake Fisheree, when cars parking too close to the road created a traffic and safety hazard.

Several supervisors said that they thought the entire road had been posted for no parking in the past. Luedke speculated that the sign might have been taken out by a snowplow sometime over the years.

“It’s probably the only time they have a problem with it,” Kruschke said of the parking during the annual fisheree. “But we should put a sign up there.”

Luedke reported that he has received comments on the impact of snow plowing on the shoulders of town roads, especially where those shoulders have recently been rebuilt or replaced.

“It just seems like we put a shoulder in one summer and the next summer it’s gone, and people wind up with dirt and gravel in their yards,” Luedke explained.

He noted the latest complaints came from residents of Oak Road. Luedke said he would raise the issue with representatives of the county Highway Department the next time he meets with them.

Supervisor Jack Hanke did praise the county Highway Department for their brush cutting work in the town recently.

“The crew that did the brush cutting on Willow Road did an excellent job. It was perfect,” Hanke commented.

The board rescheduled their April meeting for Wednesday, April 6 at 7 p.m. Their usual meeting night, the first Tuesday of the month, falls on Election Day. The board voted to move their meeting to avoid a conflict, as the Town Hall will be in use for voting that night.

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