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To the Editor,

A well-functioning democracy has a political system for choosing and replacing the government through “free” voting and “fair” elections. Active participation of citizens makes a democracy stronger.

Changes in voting and elec- tion procedures make it more difficult for groups to vote, thus suppressing efforts for citizens to be active participants.

Legislators did pass a few laws that might make it easier to online registration. But that even comes with restrictions that cause difficulties.

Generally the February 16th Primary went smoothly. There were some reports of problems but then only about 17% voted!

As more folks become interested in voting, many may find it confusing and intimidating!

Let us ensure that all eligible voters are counted...Democrat, Republican or Independent. Let us mitigate the confusion and intimidation that comes with the changes.

Citizens who need help with registration, or getting a photo- ID, or voting, should contact their Municipal Clerks... http:// government/municipalities or the DMV... wi-wisconsin/voter-registration. php or Google search..."Voting Help In Wisconsin".

Registered the unregistered through the process! Concerned citizens are making an effort in helping fellow citizens secure a photo-ID, to register, and with actually having their vote recorded.

Those who want help from fellow citizens should watch for contact information in your voting districts. For example, in Plymouth, contact GoVotePlymouth, 920-892-7627, ask for John Binder, or email, . Someone can come to you and help you become an active citizen in our democracy!

As we move through future elections, examples of why we must fix our voting/election laws will surface...and must become public knowledge through letters to the editor and contacts with legislators. But for now, we have to work with our unfair voting/ election laws until changes can be made by present or newlyelected legislators.

John Binder


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