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To the Editor,

I am no fan of Governor Walker, but I gave his appointment of Rebecca Bradley to the Supreme Court the benefit of the doubt although she’s a bit too young, at 44, for the position. Appeals judges have to make decisions in unusually difficult situations; most people need more age and experience to do it well.

In her short time at the Supreme Court however Bradley has already showed disqualifying bad judgment, impetuously leaping into a case (State v Matalonis, 2016 Wi 7) to cast a tiebreaking vote after not attending oral arguments!

This was an important "warrantless search" case, argued in front of her predecessor on the Court. Rebecca Bradley did not get involved in several other cases argued before Justice Crooks, but chose to cast a deciding vote in this difficult case where a woman of discretion should have either declined to act, or asked for a rehearing so that she would be properly prepared.

Some of the other public allegations are just gossip, but representing a boyfriend in his custody case is much worse – another example of doing something a wise person would have avoided.

As for the vicious comments she made about homosexuals and people who voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 – those columns are not just youthful nonsense. Their self-righteous fury is in a class by itself. A person who would publish things like that as a young adult, only a year or so before law school, probably never should be entrusted with any judgeship. Few people outgrow personal viciousness, and it’s definitely not what you want in your judge when your money or your rights are on the line!

Joanne Kloppenburg has the age, experience and class to do this job well. Vote for her, and against Rebecca Bradley.

Julie E. Furman-Stodolka


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