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To the Editor,

What type of Supreme Court do we want in Wisconsin?

Do we want the “BIG” signs, “BIG” money candidate elected to the court?

Do we want BIG money corporations writing our laws at ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) meetings, and then packing the court with judges who will do their bidding.

Did the BIG signs candidate move through the system so quickly because of fair, impartial rulings or because of appearances at partisan groups? And why did these appearances mysteriously disappear from her calendar?

Do we want a candidate who borrows camo gear for a fake ad?

Let’s keep our court balanced, and vote for Joanne Kloppenberg on Tuesday, April 5th, during 7 a.m to 8 p.m poll hours.

In-person absentee balloting starts on Monday, March 21st. Check to see when your Clerk holds office hours. Please vote absentee by mail if in-person voting does not work for you.

If new voting changes prevented you from voting, share your experiences with the public using a letter-to-the-editor. Also contact your legislators to let them know. Keep those experiences in mind when you vote again in August and November!

Deb Klock


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