Non-expiring ID an option for seniors

Wisconsin now allows its residents who are U.S. citizens age 65 and over to obtain an ID card which never needs to be renewed.

The new non-expiring ID card carries the same appearance and security features as traditional eight-year cards, with the words “Non-expiring” appearing in place of the typical expiration date.

“This new feature is a great option for any senior adults who no longer wish to drive or who already hold a Wisconsin ID card. Once they obtain the nonexpiring card, they’ll never need to return to a DMV service center,” said Corey Kleist, qualifications and issuance section chief, in a press release announcing the new cards.

The ID card is free if used for voting purposes and, once issued, the card never needs to be renewed. While there is no such thing as a “Voter ID,” many Wisconsin residents present their DMV-issued driver license or ID card as their form of identification.

Senior drivers who wish to obtain this non-expiring ID card must surrender their license and driving privileges. An individual cannot hold both an ID and a driver license. Note, surrendering of a driver license will make the individual ineligible to operate a motor vehicle in any state.

In support of this new feature, Wisconsin DMV will now permit individuals who are eligible for this card to exchange their existing ID card or surrender their driver license for the nonexpiring ID card without visiting a DMV Service Center.

To take advantage of this option, visit , then go to Online ID Card Application. For individuals using this new online service, the most current photo on file will be used on the ID and the final product will be mailed.

Customers whose DL/ID has been expired for more than two years, who have never held a Wisconsin DL/ID, or who wish to have a new photo taken, must visit a DMV service center to obtain this new ID product.

Individuals holding a REAL ID -compliant driver license or ID must surrender that feature from their card. REAL ID compliant cards will continue to follow the eight-year renewal cycle which requires a visit to the DMV to renew and update the individual’s photo.

For more information on regular and non-expiring ID cards, please visit: ID .

As a reminder, when accessing transportation-related forms, only websites with .gov extension are from official state websites.

Others are not official and may have extra charges for forms or list information that is outdated or incorrect.

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