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To the Editor,

I think there is an interesting comparison between our Wisconsin Supreme Court election and our President’s constitutional requirement to nominate, with the advice and consent of the Senate, judges of the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the make-up of both Supreme Courts, there are three main types of judicial philosophy: conservative, liberal, and moderate. Those three perspectives are employed by the judges to interpret law.

No judge adheres to any of the three judicial philosophies 100% of the time when they decide cases; but all can be given a general characterization as to what philosophy they most represent. The rulings should always focus on the details of a case before the courts. Generally the philosophy they adhere to is an important consideration when they are either appointed or elected.

Wisconsin and the nation also seem to be equally divided on being conservative, liberal, or moderate in their political views. I believe our court systems should also reflect how our citizens are divided politically. Both our national and state court systems should have a balanced number of judges to ensure that rulings do not lean too far right or left from a political perspective.

Focus on maintaining a fair and balanced legal system by appointing or electing judges of different judicial philosophies to maintain a balance. This is why I support President Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland and would urge the U.S. Senate to concur. I also support the candidacy of Judge Kloppenburg to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and would urge all voters to concur.

Your voice matters and you deserve to be heard. Become active participants in our democracy: by the people for the people.

Please VOTE! Recent law changes can make voting cumbersome and confusing; seek help if needed. Check online to ensure you are registered:

Anna Verhulst


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