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To the Editor.

Reading the almost 700 word letter in the March 29, 2016 edition of The Review, “Kohler stance on Wilson golf course questioned by FBRF”, submitted by Claudia Bricks of Friends of the Black River Forest, one line caught my attention. It read: “Most residents don”t want Kohler's golf course.” Really? According to the dictionary, “most” is defined as “the majority”.

How would Ms. Bricks be able to submit this as a statement of fact? Did the residents of Wilson take a vote? Was there a referendum on this question? I remember none of these, so how can this be stated as factual? I do remember a 2014 petition which read: We hereby demand that you DENY Kohler Company's Conditional Use Permit Application. It had a lot of signatures but definitely not a majority of Wilson residents and many names were from outside of Wilson. The petition did contain the names of some of the notable Wilson officials and is an interesting read. The list of signatures is available under the Freedom of Information Act and can be requested by contacting the Town of Wilson Clerk.

Wilson is in the midst of having 90 acres, once proposed as a business park, annexed to the City of Sheboygan. From the top of that parcel, you can see the Aldrich Chemical Company, maybe the largest taxpayer in Wilson. A past Sheboygan City Planner once said: “Someday the Aldrich Company will be in the City.” Wilson can ill-afford to lose any tax dollars.

The proposed Kohler Golf Course has the proper zoning for their business and needs a Conditional Use Permit from Wilson. If Kohler receives the necessary permits from the Department of Natural Resources and Sheboygan County, I favor the Town of Wilson granting the CUP to Kohler with a list of fair conditions.

An increase to the Town of Wilson's tax base would be a good thing for all Wilson residents.

Philip J. Mersberger

Town of Wilson

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