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Deadly highway

To the Editor,

I was so sad to read that another person was killed on Hwy. 23 near Fond du Lac on April 7th. Last year, a 6 yr. old child and his father were killed, among numerous others. With so many deaths per year on that one stretch of highway (from Fond du Lac to Plymouth), I just can’t believe that this group, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, can live with themselves by blocking reconstruction. If the people who signed the petition would have driven that stretch of road even once during inclement weather (which we have often in Wisconsin), they may have thought twice before signing.

This road has been scheduled to be widened for nearly 20 years! How many deaths are required before the politicians and bureaucrats decide enough is enough? If they could just stop arguing and put in the passing lanes that would make the highway safer, everybody in Wisconsin would benefit. Just because one member of this group had his land taken through eminent domain doesn’t mean that the entire state should have to pay (with their lives) to make up for it.

I’m a huge advocate of saving green spaces and don’t like to see areas of forest and parks taken over by big companies and parking lots – but this happens every day. Why isn’t this group fighting for Field of Dreams in Sheboygan to remain a park and not be taken over, just to put up another office building? This is more important to fight against than blocking a long-needed change to an extremely dangerous stretch of highway, which has already been prepared for expansion. All of the telephone poles are moved, the houses moved or torn down that were too close, and studies were done that showed that there were many deaths that could have been prevented, had the road been fixed years ago.

I live in Sheboygan and attended college in Fond du Lac years ago; my daughters have attended college there as well and one of them still has a few months left before graduating. I live in fear every day that she would get caught with others behind a semi or tractor, where an impatient driver will take a chance and pull out to pass, only to find a car in their path. Everyone behind this car ends up slamming on their breaks in order to let them back in to avoid a head-on collision. If you don’t believe this is a serious problem, take a trip along that stretch yourself – you will see that it is only a matter of time before another death will occur. Severe rain or snow creates an even higher risk than usual – so why are the courts & politicians closing their eyes and ears to these facts?

If they would just put in the passing lanes in every few miles or so, that would make everybody happy – they wouldn’t have to put in 4 lanes and frontage roads, etc. – just make this stretch of road SAFE for those who drive it every day! Do it now before there is even more blood spilled.

Sincerely, Gina Steinhardt Sheboygan

Politically homeless

To the Editor,

April election’s turnout shows 46% of our ELIGIBLE voters went to the polls! Are the majority “politically homeless?”

Do we have “politically homeless” in our country? This is a term describing citizens who do not find either party acceptable, so many don’t vote.

“Politically homeless”..... I don’t think so.

We have two major parties. We also have independent parties but they don’t have a widely-known platform of their own.

The Independent voters sway back and forth to one of the two major parties. We all, no matter our status in life, have ideals influenced by our religious beliefs, or none, by what freedom means to us as individuals, by our economic opportunities, and the right to live our lives according to the words of our constitution.

If neither party excites them, they choose not to cast a vote at all. Not a very good situation for the parties. The two major parties definitely have different platforms. We have the responsibility of sorting through their differences and choose the one that best suits our needs and ideals.

We need honest, civil debates, controlled emotions and respect of all opinions that promote a common good for all. I suppose there are many people who prefer not to express their ideas and beliefs for fear of disrupting friendships and families.

However, it is our duty as citizens of this country to cast a vote for whoever promises to do that which we believe is good for our country as a whole.

Let us help each other to be involved citizens in our democracy. The “Vote” is still the most powerful tool we possess to hold our country together on an even keel and maintain who we are supposed to be ....The United States of America.

Sincerely, Mary Ann Jordan Sheboygan, WI

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