Adell ends practice of trucks filling with water

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

ADELL — At its meeting Wednesday night, the Village Board decided to no longer allow trucks to fill up with water from the village water system.

The village has had agreements for several years with two companies. One company paid for the water, while the other would perform occasional services for the village.

But in recent months, the board has reconsidered these agreements, because of questions over whether the practice has affected village water quality.

When water is moved through the system faster than usual, such as during hydrant flushing or (possibly) quickly loading a truckful of water, it can dislodge mineral deposits from the inside of the water pipes. This can result in discolored water for residents.

A resident had come to the February meeting with discolored water from his tap. The board tried, at that time, to correlate the dates the resident noted for the discoloration, with known dates that a truck had filled with water.

Members of the board questioned why and when the agreements had been made, whether the practice put a strain on the village’s infrastructure, and voted unanimously to end the agreements.

Trustee Kim Peterson said that representatives from those companies are welcome to address the board.

Other village business

CPA Bryan Grunewald, of Schenck, reviewed the village’s annual audit. He thanked Rathke for her help. Rathke replied, “It’s getting easier.” Grunewald said the village does a great job of preparing for the audit.

The village would like to have another “dumpster day,” allowing residents to dispose of large items. Full details will be given in the village newsletter.

Village President Andrew Schmitt said the police had recently asked a skateboarder not to skateboard on the street. This led to the village’s discovery of a possible contradiction in the ordinance. First, it disallows skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, etc. from every paved surface owned by the village, or from public or private parking lots. Then, the ordinance states that riders of skateboards, etc., must yield to pedestrians, “using sidewalks.”

Schmitt asked if the intent had been to allow them on sidewalks, but nowhere else. Trustee Jane Schneider said the first part of the ordinance “says you can’t go anywhere. I don’t know if I agree with that.”

Schmitt said he thought skates etc. should be allowed on the sidewalks. “There is no other option,” he said. Other than their private driveways, Peterson added.

The board discussed other possible areas where such activities could be allowed. Revised ordinance wording will be composed for the board to act on at next month’s meeting.

Schmitt said that Director of Public Works Jeff Kreutzinger has given notice that he is resigning that position as of May 3.

James Jentsch was appointed to the Tree Board for a three-year term.

Jamie Birenbaum was re-appointed to the Onion River Wastewater Commission for a two-year term.

Several other appointments were needed, but Schmitt said he’d do that at May’s meeting.

Shawn Bigelow reported on the water and sewer utilities. There is a large amount of clear water entering the sewage system, which adds to costs because it has to be treated. He has found some sources by sending cameras sent through the pipes. But he continues to look for other sources. Rainwater entering manholes is a possibility.

The board unanimously approved a Class B beer license for the Adell Athletic Association and paying dues for continued membership in the Wisconsin Towns Association.

The board went into closed session to address Kreutzinger’s resignation.

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