Door-to-door warning issued

Prior to the town of Sherman annual meeting last week, a resident told of the following incident.

The resident had gone to bed around 8:30 p.m. when his doorbell rang. The visitor at the door presented an air freshener to the resident, saying it was a gift. The visitor then asked if he could bring a vacuum cleaner inside the resident’s home and demonstrate it.

The resident looked outside and saw a van with four or five people inside. The resident asked the visitor to leave. The visitor then demanded the air freshener be returned to him. The resident returned it and the visitor left.

The resident later learned that the same van and people had visited several people in his area, later at night and wanting to demonstrate a vacuum cleaner.

When contacted by The Review, Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department Lt. John Detienne made the following statement:

“If someone comes to your door at night, particularly after dark, and you feel it’s suspicious in nature, and you don’t expect someone to be at your door at that time of night, it’s probably prudent that you keep the door closed. You can usually speak through a closed door. Just advise the people that you’re not interested, and to please go away. If they don’t, then contact the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department. If they refuse to go away, or seem to be trying to enter, dial 911 and we’ll send officers to investigate.”

Detienne added, “Most people who come to your door to solicit will have some sort of picture ID around their neck, with a description of who they are and what their role is. If you don’t see that, and it seems suspicious, you should contact us, particularly if it’s after reasonable hours.”

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