Voter suppression

To the Editor,

It appears that the real reason for Wisconsin’s Voter ID law was not to prevent voter fraud, but instead to manipulate the voting electorate.

Congressman Grothman (former State Senator) said in an interview that Voter ID will help the GOP in November. He was chief sponsor of bills to: limit early voting, prohibit weekend voting, weaken campaign finance reporting, and make it difficult for the elderly to seek assistance in voting.

A former staff person for Senator Schultz (R) was present at the 2011 Senate Republican closed Caucus when the final stages of the voter ID bills were discussed. He revealed that, “a handful of the GOP Senators were giddy about the ramifications and literally singled out the prospects of suppressing minority and college voters”. One senator said, “What I am interested in is getting results here and using the power while we have it, because if the Democrats were in control they would do the same thing to us, so I want to use it while we have it.”

Sheboygan County Clerk, Dolson, said “things could go smoother if Wisconsin did away with same day voter registration”. Will we see legislation to curtail more people from voting?

The April 5 election turnout was higher than expected, but whom did the electorate consist of and who were the voters staying away, or turned away, from the polls because of difficulty in securing a state issued ID.

Democratic turnout was down by 110,000 voters compared to 2008, while Republican turnout nearly tripled. It appears that voter suppression and disenfranchisement are working!

The restrictive Voter ID law, gerrymandered legislative districts, dismantling the GAB, limited DMV access, and the elimination of Special Registration Deputies who helped register college students, elderly, handicapped, and minorities give the appearance of rigged elections. Rigged elections are fraud!

Dave & Karen Sullivan Sheboygan

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