County Board committee assignments contested

by Emmitt B. Feldner
of The Review staff

SHEBOYGAN – County Board committee assignments for the coming term were approved Tuesday, but not without some dissent.

County Board Chairman Thomas Wegner’s appointments to the eight standing committees, endorsed by the Executive Committee, were opposed by Supervisor Brian Hoffmann.

The town of Wilson supervisor, who was named to the Health Care Center and Health and Human Services committees, expressed his displeasure over not getting his first choice, a spot on the Transportation Committee.

“I believe I could have made a difference,” Hoffmann said of his request for the committee that oversees the county’s airport as well as the Highway Department.

Specifically, he cited his experience as a flight instructor and hangar owner at the airport, as well as his service on the Streets Committee when he was a member of the Sheboygan City Council.

“There is a lot of discontent out at our airport, especially among out private hangar owners,” Hoffmann commented. “Our current airport superintendent has not communicated well with the private hangar owners. Frankly, I think he’s learning on the job and it has created problems where there haven’t been any before.”

Supervisor Fay Uraynar urged her fellow supervisors to attend and be part of committee meetings, even those they are not serving on.

“I believe the culture is if you attend these meetings you are frowned upon and even called names,” Uraynar stated. “The culture bucks anyone not involved with the committee. That’s old school thinking.”

County Administrator Adam Payne challenged Uraynar’s assertion.

“I’ve been here almost 18 years and I think our County Board right now is one of the most thoughtful, caring, hard-working groups I’ve been involved with. I see a lot of respect between board members who can respectfully agree to disagree some times,” he stated.

Wegner defended his committee appointments, stating, “As you can imagine, I can’t give everyone what they want.”

He pointed out that 14 supervisors listed the five-member Transportation Committee as their first or second choice. “Obviously, nine people are going to be disappointed. Everyone received at least their number-one or number-two choice. These committee appointments will help position the county for success, I believe,” Wegner concluded.

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