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To the Editor,

University students might disagree with Governor Walker’s comment that all is well with the new ID law. Our governor seemed to backtrack on that view when he announced recently the approval of a new emergency rule to help those having trouble with voting under the new ID law. Student lines, with long wait times, were experienced around the state at our Universities during the last election. Some of the longer waits were for same day especially important step for students who tend to have new addresses. Other lines were for students who did not have a Wisconsin drivers license so they had to wait to acquire a voter ID, since Wisconsin does not accept student ID’s issued by most of the colleges and universities.

It really does seem that many of our legislators do not want lots of students voting. They could have done a better job making sure college ID’s were compatible for voting. When they didn’t, it became apparent they were trying to make it more difficult for students to vote.

Students should find it disconcerting looking to the November election. Extremely long lines can discourage students from voting. Efforts need to be increased to ensure that students have a greater awareness of all the new voting requirements. The difficulties experienced in recent elections should help develop strategies to reduce the wait times.

Students were not the only group experiencing voting difficulties. Changes in voting and election procedures make it difficult for other groups to vote. Concerned citizens are making an effort in helping fellow citizens secure a photo-ID, to register, and to help with actually voting. Look for that help. Someone can come to you and help you become an active citizen in our democracy!

John Binder

Plymouth, WI

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