Memorial Day

To the Editor,

I want to thank all citizens of Plymouth who took the time to attend the Plymouth Memorial Day parade and program at Union Cemetery. I won’t mention any of the organizations or convertible drivers that participated for fear of missing someone. I have tried to show my appreciation for their assistance.

I personally and hope all of you thank The Review for the publication of “Faces of Wisconsin.” I couldn’t help but wonder when looking through those pages … how young and what could have been.

There are not enough words to express how fortunate for Plymouth to have such a dedicated high school band director as Jason Sebranek. The Plymouth High School band is about as equal as any to a university band.

I laud Emmitt Feldner for taking first rate photos and The Review for the full page photo display.

At the Union Cemetery program, I called Plymouth my adoptive hometown, since I’m a Milwaukee transplant. No matter your politics or beliefs Memorial Day has a very special meaning to me and I’m appreciative of your response on that day.

The keynote speaker Lt. Alicia Grenier told me how impressed she was by the huge crowd and acknowledgement of this very meaningful day.

Thank you again.

Konrad Kaczkowski

Post Adjutant


American Legion

Huge lie

To the Editor,

Most people seem to think that for all of his faults, at least Bernie Sanders is honest. I beg to differ. When you group all of Bernie’s promises together you will find that he has created a lie of significant proportions.

On the campaign trail Mr. Sanders lays out his vision for America. That vision includes single-payer health care with government in total control, additional social security payments for the retired, free college education, bailing out any pension that might be underfunded, guaranteed minimum wage, 90% income tax rate on the rich.

I’m sure that on his socialist checklist is taking over the banking business, the energy industry, your private property as well as taxing the internet.

What Sanders does not give us is an example of where his ideas, when implemented, have done anything but devastate the very people that they were intended to help. Whether it is Venezuela, Cuba, Soviet Union, Greece, or the socialist leaning European States, Bernie’s socialism rewards people for being lazy, punishes people for working, and discourages innovation.

The effect is not to elevate the poor to a higher economic level but, instead, socialism will drag the hard-working middle class and innovative entrepreneurial class down to the level of the poor.

Socialism works in theory only on college campuses and in the Halls of Congress. It does not create jobs; it does not create wealth; it does not create happiness; and it simply does not work in the real world.

What socialism does is generate misery for the masses, privilege for a few, and impedes anyone aspiring for a better life.

To promote socialism as some kind of panacea is a huge lie and Bernie Sanders is the salesman.

Dennis Gasper

Chair, Sheboygan County

Republican Party

Readers Comments

Once again I “Gasped” when
Submitted by on Fri, 2016-06-10 06:07.
Once again I “Gasped” when reading this writer's misrepresentation of “socialism” when accusing others of lying! He says this of “socialism”...”It does not create jobs: it does not create wealth: it does not create happiness: and it simply does not work in the real world.” Then I started making a list of these programs which are examples of social (public) ownership of services (socialism???) and that work in the real world, create jobs, and provide for happiness, security, opportunities, and a “wealth” of other helpful services!!! Ambulance, fire department or any other emergency services...police...jails and prisons or probation and parole officers...Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security...courts and attorneys...Homeland Security...National Guard...disaster services...public schools...border security and immigration or assistance from the US Armed Services and Coast Guard...roadways, bridges, and transportation systems paid for through government programs...public parks and/or recreation areas...government sponsored or funded utility services to include waste management, electricity, water purification, etc. This is only a short list of our Democratic socialism system that has served Americans so well throughout our history!
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