Band aid tax

To the Editor,

Sheboygan County’s .5 percent Sales Tax.

An ongoing issue, should or should we not?

Let’s make the middle, low and fixed income people pay more; that is what will happen if the County votes yes to the .5 percent sales tax.

Sales tax is one thing, use tax is another. Everyone pays for use tax through their property tax.

This is not a solution to this ongoing issue. Again, we are asked to cough up more of ourselves.

An extra tax on the middle, low and fixed income is never a solution. We are targeting certain classes or groups of people and excusing other groups of people. This will mean the middle, low and fixed income will pay more on a daily basis.

By looking at just the numbers, don’t let the .5 percent fool you. It will be equal to a lot of your hard-earned money. Having a better understanding of what you and your family will be taxed on, just to name a few items, cell phone, internet, cable, heat, electric and your everyday expenses.

We need to fix the problem and get control as to why our roads are deteriorating so quickly in some areas. The .5 percent sales tax is only putting a band aid on something that is much larger. A 9 million dollar or so tax will not be enough. Whenever you implement a forever tax, it’s only a matter of time before they will need more.

A serious discussion needs to be introduced as to the real problem of our roads and why they are falling apart.

This is a .5 percent tax on everything you purchase.

Is a .5 percent tax a lot of money? You decide.

Contact your local supervisor and weigh in. Your voice counts. Go to for info.

Steven H. Bauer

District 18, City of Sheboygan Falls, Wards 1, 2, 8, 9/Town of

Sheboygan Falls, Wards 1, 3

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