Village declines to extend sewer

by Steve Ottman
Review Correspondent

HOWARDS GROVE—The village has no plans to extend sewer to the south end of the village limits in the near future, the Village Board confirmed at their June 21 meeting.

Resident Scott Zeier requested help from the village to have sewer extended to Evergreen Lane where his property starts. Three properties currently don’t have sewer at this time.

Village President James Scheiber discussed the village’s ordinances and said that the village has no plans to extend the sewer.

Zeier felt slighted because the village has never extended the sewer out to his property as promised. He has proposed to divide his properties in the future to help the village’s tax base.

“I’m here to help the village,” said Zeier. “I would like to build, but haven’t been able to move forward without help.”

Zeier asked what his options were. Trustee Henry Verfuerth felt that Zeier had a good argument, however three other trustees felt that village ordinances had to be followed, which require for residents to pay for sewer extensions from the main.

Public Works Director Ryan Welsing stated that one of the three other properties has a sanitary system that is failing.

Scheiber said that the village will follow up with Zeier. However, they suggested that he might be able to annex out or build a mound system.

“We don’t feel this is unfair,” said trustee Jeff Plass, “We have 3,000 other people that have paid for sewer. We want to help people expand in the village, but we have to follow the ordinances.”

Zeier said that he understands the problem, but said it can be a challenge for developers to get money back on their investment because of the costs involved.

The village tabled plans for two four-unit adult facilities to be constructed on Forest Hills Drive by 2003 Appletree LLC in the TID. More information is needed. Board members said if that is provided a special meeting could be set up.

The bid for the Kennedy Avenue road project was approved contingent on a letter from the state. The cost of the project is $88,864.68.

The compliance maintenance resolution for the wastewater treatment system was approved.

An additional driveway requested by Carolyn Dell of 1009 Whittier Ave. was approved.

Scheiber discussed the county’s proposal to adopt a one-half percent sales tax for transportation costs. The plan could raise $9 million and also aid village revenues. A vote will be brought before the board by July 15.

The village approved a 10-year garbage and recycle contract with Advance Disposal with an amendment to allow the village to deny any increases.

Two pedestrian signs for Roosevelt and State 42, and State 32 and Whittier, were approved for $324.50.

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