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To the Editor,

A recent Sheboygan Press headline reads: “Sales tax goes forward despite pushback”.

Here are some facts to use when calling your County Supervisor:

A county sales tax will never go away. It will remain a “forever tax.”

A county sales tax is a regressive tax, meaning senior citizens on fixed incomes, the unemployed, and lots of others who can ill-afford a new tax, will pay the “forever” tax.

And, if you purchase a car/ truck out of the county, the “forever” tax will be added!

Although tourists will pay 18% of the proposed “forever” tax, Sheboygan County residents will be stuck paying over $7 million annually “forever”.

The Prevailing Wage Law ends Dec 31, 2016. The County has told some townships that this may save them 30% in future road building costs. Does the County also expect to use this to save 30% on future road building? Is the County leadership keeping this a secret?

When County leadership promoted the new $25 million Taj Mahal county shed, they had to know what impact it would have. Did they wait purposefully until after the Board’s election to tell us? Did they create a “perfect storm” to promote the “forever” tax?

Some Sheboygan County school districts are considering a referendum for school projects which will already increase taxes for some Sheboygan County residents.

And, in 2015, the County Board approved a 2.86 % property tax levy increase to take effect in 2016. Another increase in taxes that will impact us this year.

The County Board leadership has already proposed a 2017 budget that assumes we will not have a new county sales “forever” tax. Therefore, we don’t need a new “forever” tax now. We already have enough new taxes.

There has to be a better way to fix the Road’s Budget, but the County Board will not search for a solution until the proposed “forever” tax is defeated. The Board will take a final vote in early July. Call your County Supervisor today....before it is too late.

Phil Mersberger


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