Summer also means road construction - be safe

SUMMER HAS BEGUN, which means it’s the height of travel and vacation season – and of course, also the height of road construction season.

That’s true here in Sheboygan County, across Wisconsin and throughout the country – no matter where you go, if you drive there, you’re more than likely to have to travel through a construction zone.

You don’t even have to leave Sheboygan County – or even the city of Plymouth – to find streets or roads closed for construction; lane, speed or access restrictions; detours and all the other joys of road construction season.

None of us like the delays and detours that road construction causes. None of us care for the inconvenience and the hassle. But it’s a necessary evil of modern living.

That’s because no one wants to drive on roads that are rough or falling apart. No one wants to drive on roads that are unsafe or hazardous. That means road construction is something we all have to live with.

Short of not venturing away from home until road construction season ends – and that’s certainly not a practical solution for most of us – we all have to find ways to cope with and get through road construction season.

What we all need to do is drive carefully, drive cautiously, use common sense, remain alert while driving – always when driving, but especially so in work zones – and plan ahead.

There are many ways to learn what kind of road work lays ahead on any road trip this summer. Weekly updates of local construction projects in Sheboygan County are available in The Review and other local media, while road work information for anywhere you might be driving is readily available through many sources on the internet.

It only takes a little advanced planning to adjust schedules to cope with road work and still reach your destination on time.

The Fourth of July holiday weekend is just ahead and that means plenty of people traveling to and from holiday events and visits on our roads – many of which are in the process of being worked on.

Many of those construction projects across Wisconsin and elsewhere will be shut down for the holiday weekend to make driving a little safer, but there will still be lane closures, detours and other delays to deal with.

But all those things all of us are going to this weekend and throughout the summer will still be there after we get through the detours, delays and traffic backups created by road construction.

No one is happy with road construction zones and detours, but we all need to recognize that it’s for the best in the long run and be sure to drive accordingly – and safely.

We’ll all be safer for it and we’ll all be the beneficiaries of safer, better roads to drive on.

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