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To the Editor,

I attended Nanette Bulebosh's candidacy announcement event for Wisconsin's 27th Assembly District seat. I thought about the last two years as I listened to her talk about her life experiences that included being a journalist, teacher, librarian, and active community volunteer. She shared her views on what needs to be done to build a better Wisconsin.

Two years ago I was hopeful that a newly elected representative would work to change the hyper-partisanship that has been a Wisconsin government “mode of operation.” He was a former staff member in Congressman Petri's office and Congressman Petri was characterized as a moderate Republican.

The past two years continued the one-sided, “my way or the highway,” governance Wisconsin has been experiencing. Concerns of a significant number of 27th Assembly District constituents were ignored.

Nanette Bulebosh has said her extensive experiences have put her in contact with many Sheboygan and Manitowoc County citizens. It has helped prepare her for what needs to be done to address issues from the perspective of what is best for the common good and general welfare of ALL residents.

More collaboration is needed to solve problems while working to unify our state. Some of the problems that must be addressed are: gerrymandered redistricting, suppressive voting/election laws, inadequate funding of public schools, unaffordable/unaccountable voucher program, loss of local control, infrastructure needs, Civil Service changes where previously the “best” were hired now becomes “best friends” easily hired, and weakening elements that prevent corruption in government.

We need a representative in the 27th Assembly District who truly understands our citizens' concerns and acts on behalf of all constituents.

Learn more about Nanette Bulebosh and give careful consideration of the incumbent's record before deciding on who to vote for in November!

John Binder



To the Editor,

What could be more ironic than the photo making the rounds in the media of a young woman waving a sign, “Everyone Deserves Access to Safe Abortion Care” as she protests a Texas law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a local hospital?

A movement that has resulted in unborn children being treated like unwanted skin lesions, to be removed and tossed aside, now treats the lives of mothers as being unworthy of proper emergency services.

We had a “Supreme Court,” that found it unconstitutional for states to protect the life of an unborn child. We now have one that finds it unconstitutional for the states to protect the life the mother. Who is next?

Art DeJong,


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