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To the Editor,

This letter is directed to any representative, judge, citizen or friend (?) of Wisconsin who is of the opinion that Hwy. 23 doesn’t need to be made a four-lane highway.

How many of you live alongside of Hwy. 23 or any side road off of Hwy. 23 (especially western Sheboygan County and Fond du Lac County).

How many people need to be killed, injured or maimed before you GET THE HINT? I don’t care how many useless surveys have been done; do you live in Fond du Lac County or Sheboygan County between Hwy. P and Hwy. 151? Did you ever have a family member involved in a traffic accident? Even worse, KILLED?

You so-called friends of Wisconsin, do you live in either of these counties? Do you even live in the state of Wisconsin? The road rage on this segment of highway is unbelievable. Do you have a family member that drives this route twice a day for employment?

We have lived in the Town of Plymouth for 15 years. When Hwy. 23 was made double lanes from Sheboygan Falls to Hwy. P, they should have gone all the way to Hwy. 151. Every meeting we went to (at least five) said the widening was coming soon. We were paid December of 2012 for our property. Meanwhile they run out of money. If it would have been done seven-eight years ago it would have been onequarter of the price it is now.

Traffic is CRAZY on Hwy. 23. Speed limits are 55 to 65 MPH. Most drivers think this means 65-75 MPG. Many don’t slow down even when roads are slippery, snow-covered or foggy!

In the past seven months we have had a neighbor killed as a pedestrian, a guidance counselor from Oostburg, employed at Fond du Lac High School, killed April 7 going to work. It happened going from one lane to two right outside of Fond du Lac. Three little children lost their father.

Sometime in May a woman was sideswiped shortly after Hwy. P. She crashed into a road sign.

Tuesday, June 28 a serious accident again where two lanes go down to one. A 59 year old woman from Sheboygan went on Flight For Life with very serious injuries. Her 8 year old granddaughter was transported by ambulance.

Hwy. 23 between Hwy. P and Greenbush goes from two lanes to one lane west-bound almost until Ridge Rd. Eastbound from Greenbush to Hwy. P it’s two lanes until Ridge Road until almost to Hwy. P. A pedestrian was forced off the road shortly after Hwy. P when it goes to a single lane. She was sideswiped into a traffic sign.

How many people need to be killed or injured seriously before the widening is finally done? Does it have to be one of YOUR family members or CLOSE FRIEND before you finally WAKE UP? The judge put a halt on this, why? Does it have to be one of his family members or friends till you all wake up?

Road rage is terrible. I’ve witnessed many close calls. Anybody living north of Hwy. 23 attempting to go east takes a chance of losing their life every chance they try it.

When are you people going to WAKE UP and think of other citizen’s safety and welfare? Maybe some of you protestors should have a family or friend touched by tragedy.

Don’t talk until you’ve DRIVEN or LIVED A MILE IN OUR SHOES!

Sincerely, Judy Kolvenbach

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