Plan improvements for Waldo Pond

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

WALDO — Jack Parrish and Scott Kletzien of the Waldo Pond Association told the Village Board Monday of the association’s plans for a signboard and bench at the Waldo Pond.

Kletzien presented a computer-assisted design (CAD) graphic of an informational signboard, covered by a small double roof panel, with its base forming a bench on each side.

The sign portion could hold a topographical map of the pond, information on fish species, and contact information for the Pond Association. “The sky’s the limit,” Kletzien said. He added that the materials used would be donated.

The board unanimously approved the pond association’s planned bench/sign contribution. Village President Dave Schneider thanked the two for the association’s efforts. Parrish and Kletzien said they’d keep the board informed when the structure is ready to be placed.

Schneider asked Parrish how the Carp Derby had gone. “We had fun,” Parrish replied. “We took your entire donation and turned it into 15 rods and reels, tackle boxes, even a little bit more than that.”

Parrish said the Waldo Pond Association has joined the Sheboygan County Conservation Association, “to give us some more resources. We’re also looking at networking with the Lions Club.”

Parrish said long-range goals of the Pond Association include putting fishing holes in and managing the silt entering the pond. But “these are all very expensive things, and nothing we’re moving on right now,” he said.

Other village business

Director of Public Works Bruce Neerhof had reviewed building permit fees. He thought many of the fees did not cover the village’s cost for inspections. He read off a list of various permit fees he recommended be increased, and several that the village currently does not list.

Schneider asked Neerhof of his recommendations: “So these numbers are typical, in the area?”

Neerhof replied, “I would say probably on the low side, in my experience.”

“Take a look at this,” Schneider requested the rest of the board. “Really think through it. My stance on this is to keep the cost of a residence as low as possible, to encourage people to build here — new construction or remodeling. The last thing I want to see is someone not improving their property because of the cost. We can take action on this at the next meeting.”

Schneider said the public can request the list of proposed fees from the village.

A resident emphasized a point that Neerhof had made — that permit fees are intended to cover the village’s costs for inspections.

The board unanimously approved several applications for village facility rentals.

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