Dear Editor,

November’s election gives citizens the opportunity to bring balance and common sense to the 27th Assembly District .

Our incumbent legislator didn’t address the important issue of redistricting in Wisconsin. The current plan is the worst gerrymandering in state history. A federal district court panel is now considering a suit that challenged the plan. It may inevitably reach the U.S. Supreme Court!

The redistricting plan was done in secrecy with taxpayers paying a well paid private law firm that produced an unconstitutional manipulation of legislative district lines.

The lawsuit was also backed by former Republican legislators who believed that lawmakers no longer pay attention to ALL their constituency in “safe” districts. Special-interest donors and legislative leaders expect legislators will “deliver” on their own personal agendas without re-election consequences.

The legislature had six years to fix the redistricting process to make it non-partisan. Newspapers and broadcast editorial boards called for changes. They advocate moving the process to a nonpartisan independent board similar to the model used in Iowa.

A majority of citizens support change and now voters have the opportunity to fix the redistricting process by voting for a candidate that shares their view.

The 27th Assembly District incumbent candidate, Rep. Vorpagel, had the opportunity to help make redistricting process changes. He was vice-chair of an Assembly Committee that was reluctant to consider a change. He voted NO to consider AB 328 that would have created a new procedure for the preparation of legislative and congressional redistricting plans. He voted NO on AJR 55 to allow all voters to respond on an advisory referendum to the question of adopting a nonpartisan system for redistricting.

Candidate Nanette Bulebosh ( supports changing the redistricting process!

Vote in November for the candidate who supports your view on redistricting!

John Binder


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