Goose problem

Dear Editor,

I lived in Plymouth until I was 36. I graduated from Plymouth High School in 1974. I still spend a lot of time here as my mother lives here and I often work in Milwaukee.

The other day she asked me to water the hanging plant on my dad’s grave in the Catholic

Cemetery which is just off highway 67 on the north side of town and has the Mill Pond on its east border. The cemetery grounds are disgusting due to goose poop being everywhere. I even had to stop my truck to let them cross the road. It was hard to not step in goose poop walking anywhere in the cemetery to water the hanging plant. Did you know by the way geese poop every 7 minutes?

I asked my 83 year old mom what was being done to remedy the problem. She said it appears nothing. I know that many other cities have dealt with a similar problem by harassing the geese using various methods. Some work better than others of course. Some have eliminated or greatly reduced the “problems” and helped stock the local food panty in the process.

Do I need to purchase a grave in a different cemetery and pay to move my dead father so my 83 year old mother doesn’t have to step in goose poop to water my father’s grave plants?

Why aren’t the people that want to improve the Mill Pond getting rid of a major obstetrical towards that goal?

Pete Pfankuch

Wisconsin Resident

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