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Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

WALDO — At the Village Board’s July meeting, Director of Public Works Bruce Neerhof presented a list of permit fees, with his recommendations for what those fees should be. At that time, Village President Dan Schneider asked the board to review the list created by Neerhof for discussion at the August meeting.

The intent at Monday night’s meeting was to review the list of fees in detail, but to defer action on it until September’s meeting.

Trustee Mike Hintz moderated the meeting in the absence of Village President Dan Schneider.

As detailed as the list of fees was, Neerhof said Clerk/Treasurer Michelle Brecht found several permits that were not covered. Neerhof gave the example of commercial erosion control, which he said is typically an expensive separate line item that is “pretty involved with inspection and record-keeping for the DNR.”

The reason for the fee schedule review was, as Neerhof had explained the month before, the fees need to cover the costs of inspections and other administration the village would incur to issue each permit.

Neerhof had said in July that, in his experience, Waldo’s permit fees were low now. With his proby posed increases, they would still be on the low side, compared to other municipalities.

At the same time, it was emphasized more than once that fees should not be so high that they deter people from improving their properties. To that end, it was suggested that fees for improvements to existing residences be kept the same, while fees for new construction could be increased.

Discussion on the proposed permit fee schedule extended for over an hour.

The board was given a resolution that would correct a technical error in the village code. Brecht was informed that it was not appropriate to state her payment as Clerk/Treasurer in the village code, or to refer to it as a “salary.” The board was asked to review the ordinance, and to act on it when all board members were present.

Brecht said she’d received compliments on how well the lawn is being maintained on village grounds. The board agreed, and asked Neerhof to pass on a message of “Well done” from the entire board to the lawn service that the village contracted with a few months ago.

There have been complaints of noise from air braking by trucks entering the village. Neerhof said the Department of Transportation (DOT) has very specific rules mandating the size and wording on signs that forbid air braking.

“We spent whatever hundreds of dollars to get the permits” to create such signs some years ago, said Hintz. “We put them up, and then we were ordered to take them down” by the DOT, Hintz said, adding that the signs created then are still around.

“But I know there are some new hoops we have to jump through again, to put them back up, and I honestly can’t remember what they are any more,” Neerhof said.

Discussion on what action to take and whom to talk to continued for several minutes.

The board unanimously approved:

• One application for village facility rentals.

• A temporary liquor license for the Waldo Fire Department at its fish fry in the fall.

Police report for July: One citation (inattentive driving); four warnings; five complaints investigated; (person pointing shotgun at another during a disturbance; check on welfare of children; assist Plymouth Police Department in a threats complaint; unlicensed vehicle; accident); two arrests made (disorderly conduct; reckless use of a weapon); one traffic accident investigated; four property checks; no court appearances or warrants.

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