Adell water main project a go

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

ADELL — The Village Board held a public information meeting, a public hearing, and a village board meeting, Monday night. After questions and discussions during the public meetings, the board met and unanimously passed a resolution declaring the intent to levy a special assessment related to the water main project on Wisconsin Avenue.

Don Albright and Bryan Haas, design engineers at Kapur & Associates, the firm doing the engineering work on the project, were present to help answer questions. They had a large aerial photo on display of the relevant section of Wisconsin Street, to which had been added locations of the new water main, sidewalk, and curbs.

The project will affect Wisconsin Street from a point north of Seifert Street/State Street to Tower Avenue.

“The water main contractor is going to be starting next week [Monday, Aug. 22],” Albright said. “They’re going to be done by Labor Day, pending weather. And then the county is supposed to be coming in right after Labor Day to start their work.”

Residents living on the affected stretch had been previously notified by the village. A sidewalk will be built on the west side of the street.

Village President Andrew Schmitt explained the reason for this project.

There have been three water main breaks on Wisconsin Street in the past year. That portion of the water main was installed over 40 years ago. “The old-style water main was ductile,” Schmitt explained. “The new one going in is going to be PVC, which is less likely to break.”

Schmitt said the county would eventually repave the road, but not “until we replace the water main. They don’t want a brand-new road being cut into two or three times a year.”

So the ideal way to replace the water main and repave the street, and install curb, gutter and sidewalk, Schmitt said, is to do it all at once.

“I know people don’t always agree with me about the sidewalk issue,” Schmitt said. But with the amount of truck traffic coming through, he said, it was a safety issue.

This launched a discussion between residents and board members about how truck traffic could be slowed or rerouted. Trustee Brian Paar recommended that residents witnessing speeding on streets within the village should contact the Sheriff’s Department. “Ask to talk to the shift supervisor,” Paar suggested. “That’s probably your best bet to get some kind of results.”

This will be Phase II of a three-phase project. Phase I rebuilt a portion of Wisconsin Street’s water main and street a decade ago.

What about Phase III? A resident asked, “Why not continue north of Tower Avenue?” Schmitt said ultimately, it should continue all the way out to State 57, but, he said, “We just didn’t want to put that big a tax burden on everybody at this time. That’s why we did the first part of the project 10 years ago; now we’re doing this part; and then... the next generation can decide when the next one is.”

According to an informational sheet handed out by the Kapur & Associates engineers, the project “total cost is estimated at $500,000. There is a cost share between the village of Adell and Sheboygan County. Payment of the roadway items are split between the village of Adell and Sheboygan County such that 14/36 (39 percent) is paid by the Village of Adell and the remaining 22/36 (61 percent) by Sheboygan County. The village assesses property owners for its portion of the following items: curb and gutter, driveway aprons and sidewalk. The cost share arrangement reduces the assessment burden placed on the property owners.”

The amount assessed to each owner will depend on the property’s frontage. To lessen the financial impact, owners will have ten years to pay this assessment.

Resident Tom Henricks, whose home is closer to the road than other homes, said he needs 200 inches to park his car. “That’s how big my car is,” he said. “Otherwise I’d stick out into the street.”

Albright conferred privately with Henricks as the discussion continued. Albright then announced a solution agreeable to Henricks that addressed the unique conditions of his home.

Residents asked about water drainage problems they’ve had. Albright said several such problems had been detected during the project’s development, and residents should see improvements with the newly-engineered road.

Haas asked residents to keep the street’s current state in their minds as it undergoes construction, and compare that memory with how it looks afterwards.

“I appreciate everybody’s patience, as we go through this,” Schmitt said. “I understand it’s an expense on your part. And it’s also an expense for the whole village.”

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