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To the Editor,

Senator LeMahieu's letter in some area newspapers about court battles over Wisconsin's election law changes “let it slip” that suppression is a purpose of those laws!

He said...”Statewide early voting standards were created because voters in small municipalities don’t have the same opportunities to vote on weekends like Madison and Milwaukee.” Former Wisconsin state Senator Grothman said the same. Some clerks in majority-white suburbs believe inner city voters have “too much access” to the polls.

Why not use that same logic to say that urban areas should have fewer police officers like many of our small municipalities or urban areas should have no public transportation because many small municipalities don't. The list goes on!

Give voters in “small municipalities,” or for that matter, all voters, “more access” to the polls. Overcome voting hardships unique to population density and to special characteristics of voting groups!

A former staff person in a Republican closed caucus revealed that some GOP Senators were “giddy” about a strict ID law suppressing minority and college voters. Senator LeMahieu was not in office in 2011, but based on his letter, would he have been one of the “giddy” ones?

Congressman Grothman has said that Voter ID will help the GOP. He didn't say Voter ID will improve the health of our democracy. It does not because it suppresses voting. High voter turnout is what he and his colleagues worry about!

We need to bring back balance and common sense to our elections and to our government. Voters have the opportunity to do that because the three Assembly seats in the 9th Senate District are being contested. Three common sense candidates are challenging the incumbents.

Learn more about these candidates...Ronald J. Kossik in the 25th, Rebecca Clarke in the 26th, and Nanette Bulebosh in the 27th.

John Binder


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