See these and other award-winning projects at the 2016 Sheboygan County Fair

A butterfly made with colorful beads is a ribbon-winner for Mason

Working with beads and buttons can be a challenging activity, but Kathryn Mason, age 10, found the patience and fashioned a colorful butterfly on a piece of Aida Cloth which is used for cross-stitching.

Mason is the daughter of Amy and John and a member of the Willing Workers 4-H Club. This is her fourth year in Celebrate Arts and she decided to do bead art as her project. Her bead art butterfly has won her first merit award at the Sheboygan County Fair.

“This was my first time to do this with buttons and beads,” said Mason. “I got the idea when I saw one like this as a bird and then I saw a butterfly on Pinterest.

“I traced a picture of a butterfly on the cloth with a pencil, and then I made the body and the antennae black and the wings are done in lavender, purple, orange and white beads and buttons.

“We bought the buttons and beads at Jo-Ann Fabrics,” said Mason, “and we put the cloth on cardboard, then bought a frame.

“I laid the buttons down first and then glued them with tacky glue,” said Mason, “and then I did the same with the beads and the glue.

“I did do the buttons first and let them dry before I did the rest,” said Mason.

“I like how it turned out,” said Mason, “and the white frame has some lavender etching.

“The judge said she liked the purple and liked it overall,” said Mason.

“I will put it in my room and will do some more,” said Mason. “It took me a long time to do, about four days.”

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