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To the Editor,

From legislation that has been enacted during the last six years, I believe the values that defined Wisconsin in the past have been ignored and are disappearing.

We have an opportunity in November to elect a candidate for the 26th Assembly District who will work across the aisle, engaging in compromise and negotiation to lessen the toxic political divide in our state. That candidate is Rebecca Clarke.

I support Rebecca Clarke because she stands for strong public education, sustainable environmental practices, an economy that supports our working families and equal opportunities for all.

These are values that support a strong foundation for democracy and help to insure a rich quality of life for our children and grandchildren.

As an environmental educator for over 20 years, Rebecca has worked with thousands of school children, parents, teachers and community stakeholders. Visit her website for more details about what she stands for:

Rebecca’s incumbent opponent has voted against the values that she believes in and will fight for. He has voted consistently against strong public schools in favor of taxpayer funded, unaccountable private religious schools.

He has voted against legislation that protects our public groundwater, lakes and wetlands in favor of private interests.

He has voted against measures that ensure fair and equal pay, job safety and the rights of workers to negotiate a living wage and benefits.

He has voted against public access to open records laws. His complete voting record may be found at: https://docs. votes/assembly

If we keep voting to elect representatives who perpetuate division, hate and paranoia, the values that once defined Wisconsin will be gone forever.

It is time to vote for a candidate like Rebecca Clarke who will work to restore our proud Wisconsin values and reputation for excellence.

Karen Sullivan

1507 Huron Avenue



To the Editor,

The difference between Ron Johnson and Russ Feingold couldn’t be greater.

During less than six years in the U.S. Senate Johnson has authored numerous bills. He is the elected chairman of the powerful Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Johnson is sought out by many senior officials for his expert advice.

In contrast, Feingold has been a career politician for 34 years. Of his 18 years in the U.S. Senate he was only known for one bill, which turned out to be a disaster. He never chaired a single committee.

Feingold is as corrupt as Hillary Clinton. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, he started his own political action group supposedly to help other candidates but then used most of the millions of dollars to pay himself and his friends a salary. His closest friends are Hollywood types like Robert Redford.

Ron Johnson wants to return to Washington to use his skills as a successful businessman to get our country back on track and make it strong again. While being fiscally responsible he will provide people with good jobs and affordable healthcare.

Johnson is a man of integrity. After accomplishing this he will return to the private sector.

Paul A. Gruber 508 Vollrath Blvd. Sheboygan

Helping hand

To the Editor,

I have happily lived in Wisconsin almost 30 years now, and I have been a resident of beautiful Plymouth for 18 years, but my childhood has deep roots in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I was born and where my heart has been since last month's unprecedented and deadly flooding.

My sister's and my cousin's homes were two of the over 146,000 homes that were damaged in what The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is calling a "500 Year Flood."

In addition, many schools, businesses, and any place residents would visit on a daily basis were damaged. The majority of these damaged homes were NOT in flood zones, and no one was expecting the horrific results of this weather system that simply would not leave.

Due to minimal national media coverage, few know that over one third of the state of Louisiana has been affected by what has been called one of the worst natural disasters in America's history since Hurricane Sandy.

This no-name weather system produced three times the amount of water in two days than Hurricane Katrina.

Since I cannot be down there to help my sister, I am doing everything I can here to help as many of the flood victims as possible.

The Plymouth School District administrators have given me permission to lead a campaign on their behalf to "adopt" one of the hardest hit school districts: The Livingston Parish School District.

With the help of trucks generously donated by two of our local businesses, Johnsonville Foods and Sargento Cheese, I hope the community of Plymouth will rally together to fill both of these semis with learning supplies and materials for the thousands of children who were directly affected by this weather disaster when both their homes and their schools were damaged.

The Livingston Parish School District has over 40 schools, 15 of which were damaged by the floods, eight extensively, possibly beyond repair.

Most of the LPSD students started school on August 2, but when they went home on Friday, August 12, no one knew this storm system would flood their homes, their schools, and even cause the loss of thirteen lives.

Shortly after I started this call for help, and other groups have also enthusiastically and compassionately joined in: St. John the Baptist Schools, The Plymouth Intergenerational Center, and LESPWA International.

Of course, monetary donations are always welcome, but consider what it will take to restock and rebuild these damaged schools.

The students and schools could use school supplies, educational materials, and even gently used educational games and books. (Please note: No clothing or food is being collected as part of this campaign.)

I have also created a "Shoebox Penpal" project in which our students (or adults) write letters to peers that are placed in shoeboxes filled with items that the writers feel they might like to have if their homes and schools were flooded.

The boxes will include a postage paid postcard so the recipients can write back.

All donations may be brought to the Plymouth High School by September 30.

Please contact me, Janet DeJean Newton, at jnewton@ if you have any questions or need more information. More details are also posted on my website: html

I know the people of Louisiana are resilient and will be able to rebuild, so please consider giving them a helping hand from Wisconsin.


Janet DeJean Newton

PHS English,


& Drama Teacher

To the Editor,

As I prepare to send my daughter off to college this fall, the cost is a concern for my family as it is for so many families. Many graduates are now in the workforce and must repay the cost of their higher education.

Governor Walker signed several “look good” bills that do very little to help one million Wisconsinites reduce a $19 billion student loan burden.

Everyone recognizes there is a problem, but Walker and “his” legislators added to a poor higher education record with bills as “election year props” which do little to address the growing student debt crisis.

27th Assembly District representative, Tyler Vorpagel, was in the governor's “camp” on this issue. He voted three times against allowing people with student loans to refinance their debts in a manner similar to refinancing mortgages and car loans (SB 21 AA 3 eJL5 and AB 739 ASA 1 and AB 272).

Why punish constituents by not allowing them to manage their student loan debts?

Student loan debt impacts our economy. It limits getting loans, like purchasing a home. High student loan interest rates lessen discretionary income to afford the “extra things” or even the necessary things like saving for retirement or children’s education.

Nanette Bulebosh (http:// is running for the 27th Assembly District seat. She believes there is no justifiable reason student loans should not be treated like other types of debt that can be refinanced to take advantage of low interest rates. It will put more money into the hands of people who will spend it thus stimulating economic growth. I agree!

I urge citizens to find out more about where both candidates stand on this issue. Look at their positions, record, and life experiences so that your vote in November reflects your position on this important issue!

Respectfully, Mickey Heinig W6287 Hammann Road Plymouth

Legion of flowers

To the Editor,

Enjoyed a nice story about the flower garden at the American Legion Post on Stafford Street. Nice to hear who is doing the upkeep and work on that corner. We have our own flower gardens but enjoy others. We stop occasionally to view.

Thank you Ed and Kermit!

Sincerely, B. J. Nelson

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