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Sign theft

To the Editor,

Democrats like to portray themselves as the honest and compassionate party. However, once again, they’ve shown their true colors. Under cover of darkness, some sneaky Democrat removed my Trump signs.

The Democratic Party’s basic motto is “Win by any means”. That’s why many states had to go to Voter I.D.

By the way, vote count rose with Voter I.D. because people knew that their vote would count. There was no voter suppression. It was voter freedom.

This sneaky deed occurred on East Main Street, Caroline Street and North Milwaukee Street in the city of Plymouth. Seems like the Democrats not only fear honest voting, they also fear Freedom of Speech.

Jim Piper

Readers Comments

The writer needs to consider
Submitted by on Mon, 2016-09-12 20:53.
The writer needs to consider if it could have been a Republican "ship-jumper" that took the Drumpf signs!? The list of Republicans who do not support Drumpf grows by the day! Regarding Voter ID...the reason the count rose, is because so many worked hard to help people overcome the voting impediments that were put in place. their Republican caucus when considering the implementation of the suppression law, they were "giddy" about how it will make it more difficult for certain groups to vote! Republicans fear large voter turnouts. Their platform does not play well with the majority of our citizens and so they try and keep the turnout of eligible voters to a minimum. We have had very few candidates winning with a majority of eligible voters casting their ballots (example...last election Walker actually had 27% of the vote from eligible voters).
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