To the Editor,

I am so excited by this year’s election! We have some wonderful women who will be on the ballot in November.

These are women who have worked in their communities to make things better for common folks.

Nanette Boulebosh has worked as a librarian and a teacher. She knows that a strong public school system is good for America.

Did you know that 40% of private voucher schools have closed their doors after taking taxpayer money?

Did you know that as a taxpayer, you cannot attend a private voucher school board meeting?

She and Sarah Lloyd put a high value on the natural resources of our state. They would never sell them off to the highest bidder with a promise of campaign cash.

These women are respectful of others, value our rights and environment, and will work hard to improve the lives of hard working Wisconsinites. Remember Sarah and Nanette when you vote this fall!

Deb Klock Plymouth

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