Pondering student debt crisis

To the Editor:

As I send my daughter off to college this fall, the cost is a concern for my family as it is for so many families. Many graduates are now in the workforce and must repay the cost of their higher education. Governor Walker signed several “look good” bills that do very little to help one million Wisconsinites reduce a $19 billion student loan burden.

Everyone recognizes there is a problem, but Walker and “his” legislators added to a poor higher education record with bills as “election year props,” which do little to address the growing student debt crisis?

27th Assembly District Representative Tyler Vorpagel was in the governor’s “camp” on this issue. He voted three times against allowing people with student loans to refinance their debts in a manner similar to refinancing mortgages and car loans (SB 21 AA 3 eJL5 and AB 739 ASA 1 and AB 272).

Why punish constituents by not allowing them to manage their student loan debts?

Student loan debt impacts our economy. It limits getting loans, like purchasing a home. High student loan interest rates lessen discretionary income to afford the “extra things” or even the necessary things like saving for retirement or children’s education.

Nanette Bulebosh (http:// nanetteforassembly.org/) is running for the 27th Assembly District seat. She believes there is no justifiable reason student loans should not be treated like other types of debt that can be refinanced to take advantage of low interest rates.

It will put more money into the hands of people who will spend it thus stimulating economic growth. I agree. I urge citizens to find out more about where both candidates stand on this issue. Look at their positions, record, and life experiences so that your vote in November reflects your position on this important issue.

Mickey Heinig


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