Adell tweaks zoning code

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

ADELL — At its monthly meeting Wednesday night, the Village Board advanced a revision to a section of its zoning ordinance, and discussed whether another part of the ordinance needs revision.

The board decided to proceed with revisions to section 8-1-11 of the ordinance, which addresses discharge of clear water into the village’s sewer system. Processing clear water as sewage adds needless operating costs to the wastewater management process, so the ordinance spells out penalties for residences or businesses that do so.

Part of that section had prevented the sale of a home if it discharged clear water into the sewer system. A change in Wisconsin law no longer allows a municipality to stop a property’s sale for that reason. While the ordinance was revised to remove that restriction, penalties are still in place for discharging clear water into the sewage system, as a review by Director of Public Works Shawn Bigelow showed.

The board unanimously decided to put the revised ordinance section on the agenda for next month’s meeting, when action will be taken on it.

At the board’s August meeting, a resident’s violation of another part of the ordinance was discussed. The ordinance states that a driveway can be a maximum width of 35 feet at the curb, but at the property line, the maximum width is only 26 feet. The discussion in August focused on a resident’s driveway that was 36 feet wide at his property line.

The more the board discussed these limits at the September meeting, the less sense that narrower width at the property line made to board members. Village President Andrew Schmitt said he wanted to discuss this with Building Inspector Walter Grotelueschen, and do some further research on it.

Lakeview Community Library Director Jackie Rammer gave the board a report on the library at Random Lake. One of the biggest recent developments is a planned merger of the Eastern Shores Library System with the Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System. This merger will be effective Jan. 1. Rammer said this will offer each library system increased resources.

The board addressed a resident’s complaint of dust coming from Milk Specialties Global. Another resident in the audience confirmed that dust was a problem. Schmitt requested Clerk/Treasurer Kelly Rathke to send Milk Specialties a letter, informing them of the received complaint.

The board unanimously approved:

• An operator’s license for Logan Klatt for the Adell Mini Mart.

• A resolution authorizing borrowing funds for water main reconstruction for the Edgewood Ave. and Wisconsin St. projects.

• Water relief credits for two residents who had requested them.

Bigelow’s report on public works included:

• A desire to purchase a machine that would test and exercise valves. The machine’s cost and use will be shared with several other municipalities. The tester currently available to the village is dangerous to use.

• Continued attempts to reduce the level of phosphorous in treated water. The DNR has set a very low limit, and Adell is experimenting with chemical treatment rather than spending large amounts to upgrade the facility, or to pay regular fines.

• The tractor needs new tires.

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